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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

New Bark Town

Flying all this way had been amazing, the view was spectacular and the ride smooth. The only complaint Summer could conjure was the cooler temperature. Of course, she knew this was something that would have to be worked around, since the seaside cities were usually pretty warm compared to inland Johto. None the less, feeling a little chilly did nothing to damper her mood. A mix of nervousness and excitement boiled deep inside, which would only intensify when Pidgeot started to dive for the ground. They were close now…

… One pass over the town revelled its small size. There weren’t really any large buildings, although one did stand out among the rest. It was a little bigger, and much longer, leading the girl to believe this was probably her intended destination. No way of being certain, however, unless they got closer. Sensing his rider lean to the north, to her area of interest, the bird made one last approach and finally touched down. After hesitating for a moment, Summer finally dismounted and toke a few slow steps toward the door. It didn’t take long for her to realise that she, was in fact, at the right place.

“I-I guess we finally made it” she started, glancing back at Pidgeot. It was time for him to return him, he couldn’t stay with her, she had to do this on her own. “I’ll see you back home, once I g-get there,” Summer was starting to grow nervous, and the bird picked this up. He hesitated for a moment, but nodded and once again toke to the skies. Normally, a Pokémon would need to rest after that trek, but he was used to long distance flights.

Summer paused for a few more minutes, before finally knocking at the front door. It didn’t take long for a man, how was obviously older then herself, to answer the door. He was a little intimidating, but the girl didn’t back away, not now. After a few moments, he finally spoke.

“You must be here in response to the Professor’s broadcast,” the man spoke, although it was obvious he anticipate the reply to be yes. When Summer nodded, he opened the door, revealing more of the interior. It was simple, but clean, just the way she liked things.

After being shown to the main area, the character promptly vanished, probably to keep watch over the entrance, Summer figured. This new room was much larger, and a little more cluttered. Her cobalt eyes, however, swiftly darted toward the two people here, a woman, who sported short-ish hair and another man, although he appeared to be older than the previous. It didn’t take them long to notice that she’d entered the space.

“Hello there, I’m Rose” the lady greeted, and Summer dared a few steps closer toward them. This was it!

“H-hi, my name is Summer” the brunette managed, shifting her gaze to the professor, who also extended a hello and introduction before asking a similar question to that posed by the man at the door. To this, she simply nodded, now looking at the row of Pokéballs on the table. Six is what had been advertized, three were missing. She wasn’t the first here. After staring for a few moments, the teenager returned her attention to Pine.

“I guess I should let you choose your Pokémon! A few other kids around your age have already made their selection, but you still have three choices,” the man explained, and Summer nodded, approaching the table. She scanned the small row carefully and toke a minute to gave her option a last thought. However, in the end, the brunette ended up going with Chikorita, as previously intended.

“I’ll take this one,” she said, holding the red and while sphere, smiling softly.

“Fine Pokémon indeed,” Pine started, his grin slowly wearing off, “but I must warn you, this one is a little… spirited. Perhaps you should meet her?”

“Oh s-sure!” Summer exclaimed, tossing the Pokéball onto the ground, just as she’d seen on TV. However, unlike the matches on air, nothing happened.

Both Rose and the professor chuckled, and she had to be explained that in order to release a Pokémon from the sphere, it had to be enlarged. “Simple as that,” Pine concluded.

“Go, Chikorita,”

A small, light green quadrupedal creature emerged from the bright flash.

“Rita!” she exclaimed, before running two laps around the humans, before finally stopping in front of the stranger. The grass type tilted its head, staring at the girl with her large, red eyes. After a moment, she jumped up and down, seemingly out of excitement.

“I-I see what you mean. But I-I like her!” Summer nodded, confirming her statement. The professor smiled, although it was hard to tell if this was out of joy or relief.

“Good, now, in accepting this mission, I assume you know what you’re get- I mean doing, right?” he posed, looking at the brunette expectantly.

“Of course. T-to track down the beasts Entei, Suciune and Raikou and explore this region.” She replied, although he didn’t look satisfied. “Am I m-missing something?”

“Having fun silly! What’s up with you kids anyway?”


“Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Live for the adventure!” Pine stated with passion, lifting his right fist into the air. Chikorita jumped up again, and then again.

“O-okay,” Summer stated, looking a little surprised.

“Anyway, I’ve kept you here long enough,” he started, then signalled Rose to get one of the red gizmos on the desk.

“But, before you go, here is your Pokédex. It stores data on all the Pokémon you’ll encounter on your journey.” Summer nodded, allowing him to continue. “And, of course, Pokéballs, useful tools for catching and storing Pokémon. I trust you know how they work?” he finished, holding back a chuckle. The brunette nodded sheepishly, taking her gifts and storing them inside her tin coloured satchel.

“Thanks… I really appreciate everything” the girl added, returning her gaze to Pine.

“Oh, before we forget, here is our number. Contact us if anything turns up!” Rose added, giving Pine a slight nudge, although Summer didn’t get where she was going with it.

“Will do!” the teenager stated, and then started for the exit, turning around to call her starter. Excited, the grass type nodded feverishly and darted for her trainer. Such energy!

OOC: LoL, got a little carried away with this one ^^'
Oh, and I made Mint female, but if that's an issue, I can change it

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