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Default Re: Dragon's Den

This isn't about encounter statistics, it's about the customer wanting financial gain from using this Pokemon in battle. Or to make their stats look cooler. If someone has 3 Pokemon, they're going to use it about 33% of the time in battle, and that number decreases even more the higher amount of Pokemon they have. I think the price should be brought up to $30, so I'll use that as my example.

You'd have to use the Shiny Pokemon in three 1v1 battles (and win) before you earn back the money you spent. For 2v2, if you win one, you receive $19, which still isn't more than the price it cost to change your Pokemon, so you'd have to do two of those (or a 1v1 afterwards) to earn any money from this. You'd have to win a 3v3 and a 1v1 to earn any money, and I'm not going to get into the others because 3v3 is the largest, most popular Battle style so far. All those are assuming you win, and they all take a while to complete (especially at the rate the ASB battles are currently going).

I'm going to Approve this if the price is increased to $30, since that's a lot of money to gamble on something that will take months to pay out.

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