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Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
The Shiny Center
Also known as Sam's Shiny Shop

Do you want to add a little sparkle your life?

Do you want to make some extra money?

Do you just really want a demonic Charizard?

Then you've come to the right place!

Here at The Shiny Center, we can give your boring everyday Pokemon some extra pizazz. With a simple procedure including using chemicals to react to the melanin, we can make you Pokemon better than new.

The procedure costs $25, a small price to pay for the fun, money, and bragging rights you will get in return. Unfortunately, there is a small chance the operation may not work (15% to be exact). It this is the case, we apologize, however as it is not a matter of our own incompetence, no refunds are allowed. But don't be discouraged, 15 is a small number! Just drop off the Pokemon and post your expenses in the Bank. This will be approved by me, and after 24 hours your Pokemon will be ready to go. At that time you may post to pick them up. Then inform the good people at the Registration Headquarters. Once this is approved, you are free to use your new shiny Pokemon for whatever purposes you like.

Shiny Reversal

Are you completely psychotic?

Are you too dizzy for your own good? (For any reason, we don't judge.)

Do you really think a Sprite colored dragon is lame?

Then we can help you!
(Though you may want to see someone else for any but the third reason.)

Using a simpler operation as inducing it, we can reverse shinyness. This operation is cheaper however, costing only $10. Other than that it is the same, so please make sure to read the procedure on the first operation.
Pokemon normally have a .012% chance of being shiny. This pays $25 to boost it to 85%. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees the problem with this. Denied.
98% of teens won't stand up for God. Repost this if you think that statistic is the most laughable thing ever.
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