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@ sammy0295 - Nice first post! A depressed Cubone, eh? Interesting. I'll add you to the front page in the discussion thread~

@ Thunderbolt - Vivid battles where you have to struggle a little are the best :D

- Chris caught a Hoothoot! (lv 4, male)
- Light (Pikachu) grew to lv 6!

(I use a dice to determine the gender of the pokémon you capture, but you can in most cases wish for a certain gender by stating it at the end of a post)


Now, don't feel rushed. You can post several times on Route 29, capture several pokémon or battle trainers or anything. But IF/WHEN you want to continue on, here is the next area.

Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove is much bigger than the village-like New Bark. There is a pokémon center where many young trainers gather to show off their pokémon and where travelers rest up. You are likely to be challenged if you look like a pokémon trainer when entering the center.
There is also a pokémart that sells relatively basic things like pokéballs and potions and antidotes for the most common poisons cause by pokémon and plants in the neighborhood.
On top of that, there are a lot of streets and houses. It's still a small city and not the busiest place imaginable, which the inhabitants are content with.

What can you do here?

- Generally, in a city, you can buy things in a pokémart, visit a pokémon center and heal up or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open. You can also make up your own adventures, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of your own creation.
- You cannot capture any pokémon inside cities.
- You may meet up with other trainers, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

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