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Chris Knight
Route 29

Chris left the town, breathing in the sweet air of nature. Pikachu ran alongside him, squealing in delight.

Chris stopped, and so did Light. "Hi there Light!" Chris scratched between his ears, and Light smiled. "One day, you'll be as strong as the little Raichu!" They sat on the top of a small hill as Chris decided to check out his new Pokedex.

"Wow! This thing is impressive." Chris looked through the options, laughing and petting Light the whole time. "Maybe we should try out your powers." Chris picked up Light, then returned his Pokedex back to the pack. They stood at the top of the hill, scanning the nearby area for other Pokemon. The trees rustled quietly as a breeze blew through the forest.

"See anything Light?" Chris tried to look for other Pokemon, but he didn't see any. Light, on the other hand, had appeared to see something. Pointing at a patch of grass, Chris seemed perplexed. "It's just the wind Light, nothing to worry about." However, upon closer examination it was flowing the wrong way! Chris returned Light back to his Pokeball and ran up to the grass. He peeked into the foliage to find...a sleeping Hoothoot!

"What's this? A sleeping pokemon? But it's day!" Chris thought about it, then remembered Rose's gift. He pulled the Pokedex out of his pack, and listened to it carefully. "Hoothoot. The Owl Pokemon. They are nocturnal, and usually try to hide as they sleep in the day." Chris laughed at his good fortune. However, the little owl began to rise from the commotion. "Hoot!" it said as it rose. Ready for battle, it looked for its opponent.

"Sounds like a fight!" Chris grabbed his Pokeball, and Light materialized in a beam of red. The little bird out sped the electric mouse, and quickly ran forward. It slammed into Light, pushing him backwards as he cried in pain. "...Light! Are you okay?" Chris checked the Pokedex again, and looked at his moves. "Use...Thundershock!" Light's body began to glow with a yellow aura, and a bolt of energy struck Hoothoot. It yelped in pain, cringing at the super-effective move.

It was Hoothoot's turn. Instead of attacking, it chose a pathetic squeal as its move. Light frowned, not willing to attack a helpless Pokemon. However, Chris knew if he wanted to catch it, they would have to continue attacking. "Use another Thundershock!" Light tried to attack its enemy, but Hoothoot flew into the air, avoiding the attack. Hoothoot chose its last remaining move; Foresight. It used its beginning psychic powers to lock onto Light, keeping a constant eye on him. However, this time the attack would not miss.

"One more time! Thundershock!" Light focused on his enemy, charging the strongest bolt of electricity yet. It pounded into Hoothoot at an intense speed, leaving the bird motionless on the ground. However, it slowly rested and got back to its feet. However, the Hoothoot was not done fighting. It went back to its original attack, sprinting towards Light. "Quick! Dodge!" Light rolled to the side, just a second too late. A powerful Tackle had hit him; the Hoothoot was heavier than it looked. Light looked a bit tired, but still wanted to fight.

"What to do now...Tail Whip!" Light turned around and whipped his tail around, looking cute and helpless. Hoothoot did not want to hurt sucha cute little thing, and refrained from attacking. " Sounds like we're almost done! Use one more Tail Whip, then another Thundershock!" Light looked cuter and cuter, creating a helpless illusion around Hoothoot. It worked perfectly, and Light used his new favorite attack yet again. The bolt of yellow struck Hoothoot on the left wing, hopelessly crippling the ability of flight for the battle. It cried out in pain, stumbling to the ground with no sense of balance.

"It looks like now might be our chance!" Chris was extremely excited, and pulled one of his new Pokeballs from his belt. "Let's hope this works!" Chris threw the ball with all his might, and it hit Hoothoot dead on. Hoothoot disappeared in a beam of red energy, and the Pokeball began to wobble. The button in the center glowed red as it shook, and Chris could not take the suspense. "COME ON POKEBALL!"

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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