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Sam Sage, New Bark Town

Energy was pumping through Sam. The day was beautiful, warm and sunny, with a gentle breeze, and she was soon to be starting an adventure through Johto. Her walk from Cherrygrove City had not been long, but it had seemed to take forever. She was anxious to meet Professor Pine and receive her Pokemon; she knew just the one she wanted, she only hoped it hadn’t been taken yet.

But now she was in New Bark, nearly running what was obviously the Professor’s Lab. The town was small, even smaller than Cherrygrove, and the Lab was the biggest building. She knocked on the door and waited a little impatiently. After a moment a man answered the door and asked, “Are you answering the ad?”

Sam nodded her head and replied, “Yeah.” The man led her into the building and into a large room. In the room stood a man and a woman. The man was older than the woman and the man who had led Sam into the room, and was easily recognizable as the professor.

“Hello,” he said happily. “You’re here to answer my ad, right? I’m Professor Pine, and these are my assistants, Rose and Clover.” He pointed to the man and the woman, who were now standing next to each other. Sam noticed while he spoke a table with Pokeballs, no doubt the Pokemon she had to pick from, but two were already missing. Her worry that her choice was gone resurfaced. “So, I’ll let you pick a Pokemon from those on that table to take on your journey.” The Professor led her to the table. Each Pokeball was labeled with a name. She scanned the labels and was relieved to find that the last one on the table read Cubone. With a smile she grabbed the Pokeball containing the Lonely Pokemon.

“Cubone, a good choice,” Pine said with a smile. “Now, here’s your Pokedex,” he said handing her a red device, “and here’s five Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with.” Sam stored the five red and white metal balls in her backpack. “You know what your mission is, right?”

“Explore Johto and attempt to find the legendary beasts,” she answered with a quick nod.

Pine’s smile widened. “Alright then, off you go!” Sam thanked him and left the Lab. Once outside she pressed the button on the Pokeball containing Cubone. With a flash of light the brown Pokemon stood before her. He wore a skull on his head and held a bone in his hand. He looked sad and made no effort to communicate with Sam.

She squatted down in front of him. “Oh, come on. Don’t be so sad. I’m Sam. Do you mind if I call you Solir?” He shook his head slowly, but did nothing else. “Alright, we’ll have lots of fun I’m sure. We’re going to go on a journey to explore all of Johto. Don’t look so sad.” Cubone nodded, but continued to look depressed. “Oh, fine. Be all sad if you want, I’ll fix it eventually. Anyhow, for now we’ll be going towards Cherrygrove. Off we go then.” She walked towards Route 29, the sad little Cubone at her heels.

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