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Selma, Route 29

Selma wasted no time in leaving the small town and walking out onto route 29. The wind was blowing slightly, rustling her hair and the tall grass and plants on the fields next to the road. Selma thought she heard noises of something running around in the tall grass, without her seeing it. That reminded her...

"Totodile, rise and shine!" she said and held out her pokéball in front of her, as she had seen trainers do on TV. It worked. A tiny, blue crocodile took shape in front of her, after being sent out from the ball through a white lightbeam.

"Toto!" it said energetically and waggled its tail while looking up at Selma.

"Whoa. You look so much cooler in real life than on pictures," Selma said and leaned her head to the side. Totodile imitated her and did the same. Selma noticed, and raised a hand. Totodile did the same. She laughed. Totodile let out a noise.

"Haha! You're a little imitator! That's good. Show's that you're observant. So... My name is Selma. It's nice to meet you, Totodile."

Totodile seemed to think for a moment, but then smiled. "Toto!"

"I hope that means you're happy to meet me too. I'm your trainer now. I love water and you are a water pokémon so I know I'll come to love you soon enough!"

Totodile seemed content with that statement and started to look around. He'd apparently spotted something. And indeed, out of the tall grass jumped all of a sudden a Starly. It blinked, looking at Selma. Maybe it usually avoided humans. But then it spotted Totodile. An unfamiliar pokémon invading its territory? No way. Attack! The gutsy bird pokémon shot forward in a Tackle attack.

Selma was taken by surprise, and so was Totodile. The attack struck the crocodile and he was pushed backwards, knocked into Selma's legs. Selma looked up. The bird seemed to sneer at them.

"We won't let it just do that! Come on Totodile! Use..." she quickly took up the pokédex and looked through Totodile's attacks. They weren't exactly many. They would have to train. "Use Scratch!"

Totodile ran forward with his claws ready. Starly took a leap and came in for another Tackle. The attacks hit each other and both pokémon were thrown back. But this time Totodile wasn't knocked off his feet, only Starly was.

"Now's your chance! Scratch again!" Totodile came in for the attack, but just then Starly took off into the air. Totodile could only watched as the tiny bird soared higher... and then came down to tackle him.

"Totodile! Dodge!" In the last moment, Totodile seemed to hear his trainer's words and jumped aside. The bird hit the ground and was a bit hurt. "Now, Scratch!" Selma happily commanded. This was fun after all!

Totodile seemed to think so too when he finally closed in and the attack didn't miss. Starly fell back to the ground and remained lying there.

"Excellent! You won your first battle!" Selma exclaimed and jumped up and down. Totodile did the same, though whether or not it was imitating her or if they simply were alike each other, none could tell.

"Oh, right," Selma said, remembering something. She quickly rummaged through her backpack to find... an empty pokéball. She was going to capture the bird.

"Pokéball, go!" she said, cheesy enough, and threw it. It hit the Starly as if the ball was drawn to the pokémon (it probably was) and the ball started twitching on the ground.


So, now I guess... I'll do an update post for myself xD Feels a bit silly and you guys HAVE to tell me if you think I'm unfair and give myself a too easy journey. But anyways, here's how it's gonna look:

@ Charm -

- Selma caught a Starly! (female, lv 3)
- Totodile grew to lv 6 and learned Water Gun!

(pokémon can learn up to 8 moves at the same time in this RP)
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