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Chris Knight
New Bark Town

Chris took a deep breath, then quietly exhaled as he trudged along. He had been traveling for almost two days, with only a backpack filled with food. Although the path was dangerous, the Knights could not afford to drive him and leave the other children alone.

"Finally here!" he exclaimed, stopping to take a rest. He was directly outside the small town, amazed at its size. "Wow, it's small..." he thought. "Goldenrod has to be at least three times this size." Chris got up, lifting his heavy pack as he did so, and quickly walked into the village.

Chris wandered around, trying to map the town in his head. There were a few small homes, a walkway going through them, and that was it. It was surrounded by trees, giving it a fresh and earthy smell. He then saw one building that did not look like a home. It was the biggest building in town, although still small for a Goldenrod resident. "This must be the lab," he said to himself.

After knocking on the door for several minutes, someone finally came to open it. It was a fairly young man, quite a bit older than Chris. The man took a long look at Chris, then moved aside and opened the door fully. "Here for Professor Pine's offer?" he asked, rather unnecessarily. He knew Chris would be here for the offer; why else would someone travel to New Bark Town?

Chris slowly walked into the laboratory, thoughts racing through his head. The assistant told him to take a left, and promptly disappeared from sight. He followed the instructions to find an older man and a woman about the age of the other assistant, standing in front of a large table. He jogged towards them, just as the old man began to speak.

"Ah, you must be here from my ad," he said. "I am Professor Pine, and these are my assistants." He beckoned towards the woman, who smiled and said, "My name is Rose. The other man you saw is Clover." Chris grinned, then turned his attention back to the professor. "I'm Chris. Chris Knight."

" I get to choose a Pokemon?" he inquired, anxious to see. "Yes you do, and they are right here." he pointed at the table, where five pokeballs rested. "The ad said 6; has someone already been here?" the professor laughed. "Yes indeed, a young lady by the name of Selma. Now choose your Pokemon, and choose wisely!"

"I want a Pikachu. Do you have one?" Chris asked hopefully. "In fact we do! You're in luck." the professor reached over to the far end of the table, picking up the last Pokeball and throwing it to the floor. A young Pikachu emerged, his cheeks crackling with electrical energy. "This is the one for me. I'll name you....Light!" he said happily, taking the mouse-like pokemon into his arms. The professor laughed, then turned serious again.

"As stated in the ad, your journey will have more than one purpose. The explore Johto. The find the legendary beasts. The third?" he stopped, waiting for Chris to respond. "The third is..." "To have fun, of course!" he whacked Chris on the head, then whispered something to his assistant. He pointed at Rose, who began to speak.

"This is your Pokedex," she said. Reaching into a cabinet, she pulled out a red PDA-type object. "It will record any Pokemon you see or catch." Chris placed it in his pack, but Rose was not done yet. "Take these too." she passed him five mini Pokeballs, which he put on his belt. "Thanks for everything Pine," Chris said, starting to leave. "WAIT!" Pine yelled, as Chris sprinted back. "I just wanted to give you my phone number." Pine had a devilish grin, then took Chris's pokedex and added his phone. "Good luck!" Rose said, as Chris yet again ran from the building, into the afternoon sun.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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