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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Helix the Gallade and Heart the Togekiss
Inside the Pokemon Prison

Helix looked at the depressed and colorless Pokemon. They all looked like they wanted the freedom to get out of here and be free. Helix saw as Leif went off on his own, Helix thought about stopping him but figured he can take care of himself. After all they are apart of the Elite Squad for a reason. Helix saw that all the cells were wooden. But the question is why didn't they use an attack move to break through. Helix charged up both of his blades on his arms until they were glowing with blue psychic energy. His Psycho Cut was almost to full power.

Heart saw the Whimsicott run right past her and figured he was going to free the Pokemon they kept in their by itself. Heart saw the Gallade gleaming with power and energy. He would be able to break the wooden bars easily. I wish I could have that power back again. But ever since we Pokemon lost our color we don't have the energy to. The colorlessness of this world drains of most of our power. Heart sighed as she felt helpless.

Helix then span in a tornado like fashion and released Psycho Cuts that broke all the prison bars, letting loose all of the colorless Pokemon. Heart's cell was the last one to be opened. Heart flew directly to the Gallade. "Oh thank you so much! Oh great hero for freeing us! I am eternally grateful my name is Heart. I want to help you in any way possible," Heart explained extending her wing to be shooken.

Helix made contact with her wing and she began glowing this white. And once the light faded, Heart had regained her color. Heart gasped in amazement. "I never thought I would regain my color. But finally it's back and this means my power has been restored. Now I will help for as long as you need me," Heart exclaimed happily.

Helix nodded,"No problem. And you can help us. You as a former prisoner know this place the best. And your a flyer. I need you to direct me towards the other cells so we can free them," Helix explained. Heart flew low to the ground and Helix followed.

After a few pauses to evade the guards they made it to a another cell quadrant. "Leave this to me. Let's see how much power I regained," Heart stated. Her wings began glowing with white energy she flapped them twice and many blades of wind flew around opening every cell. Heart could feel the colorless effect tiring her. I guess it drains you of energy when you use big moves.

OOC: When a colored pokemon touches a colorless pokemon they regain their color and power.
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!
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