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Default Johto Chronicles {RP}

We will start off! Since there is not much interacting here, it's no big deal if the ones who sign up later "fall behind" a few areas. Get going~
[LINK TO Sign-Up/Discussion THREAD]

Johto Chronicles
rated K+ or something like that

[click for RP theme song]

Johto is a beautiful region where people and pokémon mostly live in harmony. Mythology has strong roots in the citizens and legends are often told about the many kinds of pokémon that inhabit the region. Grassy fields, rocky mountains, dark caves and streaming rivers, Johto has something for everyone. There is even a lot of coastline for the ones who simply cannot live without seeing the horizon from time to time. There is a professor here, who lives in New Bark town and studies pokémon and their connection to the myths surrounding Johto and other regions. Currently he is very interested in the legendary beast trio. He seeks to capture them, only to be able to study them further. But he is not sure of their existence, even if things are pointing towards it being true. He needs help.

- Pine
This professor's name is Pine. Professor Pine has announced on the radio from Goldenrod that he wants trainers to work for him, trying to find the legendaries. But no one replies on his job offer. No one really believes that the beasts do exist, even if they do make for good bedtime stories.

But then, kids started to call professor Pine up. They believed him and wanted to help. Pine wasn't sure what to do... but he really wanted to find the beasts. So he decided to do something that no one had done before him.


Normally when people became pokémon trainers, they got a pokémon as a gift, bought one or went out and captured or befriended one on their own. Then they started training. Every official battle they lost, they had to pay money to the winner, and in every battle they won, they earned money. That was how a trainer made a living. The good ones became better and better and went on competing against gym leaders for 8 badges what would allow them to enter the Pokémon League competition. The bad ones grew up and took other jobs in their lives.

What professor Pine wanted to do now was to let 6 trainers have the chance to get a rare pokémon from him and start their pokémon journey. He also had in his posession some mechanical devices known as pokédexes, small encyclopedias on pokémon. The kids who signed up would get one each. And then they would go out to explore Johto, battle others, capture pokémon and maybe even battle gym leaders for a spot in the Pokémon League competition... and all that time, they would be on the lookout for the legendary beasts. In Pine's eyes, it was rather brilliant. He would have 6 scouts around the region.


It was early noon on the day when the 6 kids would arrive and get their starter partner pokémon. Professor Pine was nervous but happy. This was a great idea. No doubt about it. He had two young aides, Ms Rose and Mr Clover, but they could not be asked to perform the quest he was putting onto the children. He needed them to do other work here. The aides were currently placing the 6 pokéballs containing the pokémon onto a bench in the middle of the biggest room in professor Pine's laboratory. When a kid came, it would be shown into the lab by either Rose or Clover, and then professor Pine would have a quick chat with the young trainer and let him or her pick their partner from the table, as well as get their pokédex. One of the aides would hand the trainer 5 pokéballs to start them off with, and then they would be free to go. To roam Johto and create an adventure for themselves.

New Bark Town

New Bark is the first town visitors from Kanto normally come to. It's a rather small town or a big village, depending on how you want to view it. It's got a few shops but nothing pokémon related. There are a few farms and many small houses where a lot of families with children live. There is also the laboratory where the relatively unknown professor Pine works and lives with his two aides, the young Ms Rose and Mr Clover.
Rose - - Clover

What can you do here?

- Generally, in a city, you can buy things in a pokémart, visit a pokémon center and heal up or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open. You can also make up your own adventures, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of your own creation.
- You cannot capture any pokémon inside cities.
- You may meet up with other trainers, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

In New Bark though, there is no pokémon center and no pokémart. There is no gym either. You have to go visit the lab and get your starter, pokédex and some pokéballs. Then you are free to do whatever you want.

Route 29

Route 29 is a fairly uneventful road stretching from New Bark in the east to Cherrygrove City in the west. Along the road, there are some farms with great fields as well as patches of forest here and there. In the middle of the route, there is the gate to route 46, but the guard only lets people with several gym badges through.

What can you do here?

- Generally, on a route, you can catch wild pokémon and battle trainers. You can also make up your own adventures, meet your own NPCs and anything, actually.
- You cannot meet up with the other players. Unless I say so specifically.
- What level the pokémon you capture are depends on the quality of your post.
- When you want to capture a pokémon, END YOUR POST WITH THE POKÉBALL SHAKING or something. I decide if the capture is successful or not.

Pokémon found on route 29
Type: Normal
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle
Type: Normal/Flying
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Type: Normal
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight, Defense curl
Type: Normal/Flying
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight

When I post an area, you may make any number of posts there, and move on when you feel ready. Of course you can't move on before I've posted the next route, though.


Aaand why not post first to show you what I mean.

Selma, New Bark Town (it's a good thing to write who you are and where you are when you start your post)

The red head girl got out of the car and hung her bag over her shoulder. "Thanks for the ride, dad!" she said happily. Her father looked a bit worriedly at her.

"I know this was my and mom's idea but... don't you want me to give you a lift to the next town after you've received your pokémon?" he said.

"No, dad! I'll be fine," Selma laughed a little. "Don't worry. I'll call you whenever I get to a pokémon center. And walking is part of the journey, right?"

"Right," dad said and sighed. "I'll be going then. I'll hear from you soon. And... take care, sweetheart."

"I will," Selma said. As he drove away with the car, out onto route 29 and back all the way to Olivine again, Selma did feel a lump in her throat though. She was going to miss him. But then again, she usually missed him since he wasn't at home much. But no use standing around here being sad. It was time to get rolling.

She walked into New Bark, a cute little town, nothing like the rather large Olivine City. After a short walk, she found the laboratory. An impressive building, albeit a bit small. She walked bravely up to the door and knocked. A young man opened. He gave her a stern look at first, but then seemed to lighten up. "Ah, one of the trainers who applied for the job?" he asked.

"Well, I'm not a trainer yet," Selma explained.

"No, of course not. Come along with me," the man said and walked inside. Selma followed him through a corridor and came to a large room where a young woman and a man were standing at a small table. On the table were several pokéballs lined up. Her starter was there!

"Ah, one of my little helpers?" the man said and smiled towards Selma. "I am professor Pine, nice to meet you. What is your name?"

"Selma. Selma Sanderton," Selma asked, feeling just a little bit intimidated by having three people stare at her. This wasn't really like being in a sports competition. In those, she liked when people watched her.

"Well, I see you've met Clover, my assistant." The young man beside Selma nodded at her. "And this is Rose, my other assistant." The young woman nodded as well. "And with that, it's probably time to let you pick your starter. You are lucky, you are the first one to come! You get to pick from all 6 pokémon."

Selma walked up to the bench and looked at the names listed below the pokéballs. She had got images and info on the pokémon in a letter from professor Pine earlier, so she knew which one she wanted. The water type.

"Totodile," she said. "Totodile will be mine."

"A fine choice!" Pine said as she picked up that pokéball. "Now, you should have this as well. It is a pokédex." He handed her a red little machine. She knew about it, she had trixed with her belt to make a spot for the pokédex there. Now she took the device and fastened it to her belt immediately. Professor Pine chuckled. "I can tell you are ready," he said. "Just one more thing."

He nodded to Rose, who went back to some big drawers. From there, she picked up 5 tiny pokéballs. "They will get bigger if you press the button," Pine assured Selma as she accepted the pokéballs and put them into her bag. She put Totodile's ball onto her belt though.

"There!" she said, immediately feeling a bit more secure. "Am I ready to go now?"

"Well, yes," Pine said. "Are you aware of the mission I want you to undertake?"

"I think so..." Selma said and recollected her memories. "You want me to explore the whole of Johto and try to find, and capture if I can, the three legendary beasts, Raikou, Entei and... Suicune."

"Very good," Pine said and smiled warmly. "Then, you're all set. Off you go. Have fun on your adventure! Call me sometimes. I want to hear about the pokémon you catch and see!"

"Will do, professor," Selma said and programmed the professor's number into the pokédex. It hade a notepad function.

Then she nodded to Clover and Rose, though they didn't nod back, and she went out from the lab. She was free now. She had a pokémon and she was going on an adventure. Niiiice.


When I have time to, I will write dungeonmaster-posts. Those posts will simply update the levels of your pokémon, and say if you've received a special item or something like that. Sometimes I may control NPCs in these posts as well. For now, no pokémon has gained any levels or been caught, so no need to make an update post until someone has posted on route 29.

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