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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Thunderbolt View Post
Out of curiousity, did anyone pass the Ref Test? Also, the Core Kit is missing somehow; either I've forgotten where it was or it's being updated with the answers.

Good luck everyone who took it~
What do you mean by missing? I see it just fine...

Originally Posted by SLC View Post
I sent away my ref test ages ago, and still haven't had a response, but tbh, I don't think I can be bothered to ref. I used to enjoy this but it's slowly beginning to fail, bit by bit.
You failed, I could have sworn I sent you your PM. For those wondering, below is the answer to the last Ref test:

Gardevoir has +2 SPATK.

Gardevoir is faster, so it will move first.
Gardevoir used Focus Blast!
Gardevoir lost 12 Energy.
Shedinja lost 19 HP. (37 damage divided by 2 for Wonder Guard)

Shedinja used Will-O-Wisp!
Shedinja lost 3 Energy.
Gardevoir was burned! (Gardevoir lost 2 ATK!)
Shedinja was burned due to Synchronize! (Shedinja loses 2 ATK!)

Gardevoir is faster, but was ordered a wait and see conditional, so it will go second.
Shedinja used Phase Shift!
Shedinja lost 6 Energy.
Shedinja became ethereal!

Gardevoir used Giga Impact!
Gardevoir lost 15 Energy.
Shedinja lost 1 Energy.
Damage is not applied because physical attacks cannot hit etheral Pokémon.

Gardevoir lost -4 HP due to burn.
Shedinja lost -4 HP due to burn.
Gardevoir's next action will cost 2x energy.
Shedinja is etheral.

HP: 96
Energy: 73
Status: +2 SPATK, BRN (-2 ATK), next action will cost 2x Energy

HP: 77
Energy: 90
Status: Ethereal, BRN (-2 ATK)
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