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Default Re: [RP] Terranen, Legend of The Restoration. [Chapter 1: Unity]

Gerard and Emily A'tiek
Haliria Library

Gerard gave a small heave of air after Aerys talked. His eyes had softened while looking at her, though he still felt as though he should hate her. Besides conflicting feelings he kicked back a bit before jumping off his table and pushed aside the tables in the small library space. He walked over to his and Emily's bags and started to lay out a sleeping bag.

"Well if that's it for everyone... I think we should get some sleep."

Gerard stretched and sat on his sleeping bag. He began to meditate.

Emily sighed, "He'll be like that for a while. He always does this before sleeping."

Emily grabbed her own sleeping bag and laid it out, "Does anyone need a place to sleep? I'll gladly give my sleeping bag." She smiled. She sat down in a corner, leaning back against the wall and closing her eyes.

There was a lot of travel to be done the coming morning. Emily was hoping they'd all be well rested for it.

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