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Default Re: What religion are you?

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
@above post: you mean agnostic
No, he means Atheist. ^^|| Atheism is when you believe, bluntly, that there is no 'higher power'. Agnosticism means that you neither believe nor dis-believe in God, or other deities. Kinda like if you're on the fence.
Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
Semi-Christian. I believe that there is a God and that there was a Messiah that died for our sins, but I do not worship either.

You're just not a religious Christian
. :P

I picked Other for Agnostic, because it best describes me. If you show me substantial, scientific proof that God/Jesus exists now or existed in the past, then I'll be tempted to convert to a not religious Christian -- I won't pray, or go to church, or stop saying "God dammit", but I'll know that Jesus died for us and all that jazz.

But personally, I feel that if there is a God, then he's one angry, bitter, self-righteous mofo, sitting on his pedestal, casting judgements for the afterlife, but never coming down to earth to intervene. There's a term for it, but I can't think of it off the top of my head...

EDIT: Ah, got it. Well... 'them', rather. xD

Authoritarian: God is very angry and willing to punish anyone who is unfaithful.

Critical: does not intervene with the world, but he will cast judgment afterlife.

Distant: a cosmic force that set the laws of nature into motion.

Benevolent: gentle, forgiving, listens and responds to prayers, and cares deeply.

Mystical: God didn't create the universe, God is the universe.
So Critical, Authoritarian Agnostic, is what I am. :P Herpderp.
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