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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
En Route to Fort Aer
Affected RPers: None

It would be nice to return home after the day's events, Sovereign thought. The Executioner had been handled far more easily than he would have expected. When those things first appeared they swept aside entire battalions. Even the Wave could not stand against them--for a time, at least. Ultimately though, nothing could stand before the Wave forever. Except her.

The Order of the Red Circle had conjured up quite the scheme in order to move the Executioner back to Itum. First, they bullied a group of mages into casting Feather-Rise spells as many times as they possibly could until they were exhausted. Then, using a small army of ground-type Pokemon they temporarily liquefied the ground underneath the Executioner. Before the mammoth machine could sink into the mush they rolled large steel cylinders underneath it. After that it was a matter of tying large quantities of ropes to even larger quantities of Pokemon and having them slowly, slowly drag the Executioner back to Itum as Circle workers made a trail of the steel cylinders in front of the Executioner. The project was of course, a massive endeavor, and an army of the Circle workers were busy flattening the ground that the Executioner would have to take and making sure it could support the mech's weight. Sovereign wondered if they were planning to simply obliterate any hills between them and Itum. At any rate, it must have been a sight to see for any travelers on the road between the two cities.

There was much celebrating onboard Sovereign over their victory, but as usual the ship itself took no part on the partying. Alone on the bridge, Sovereign's avatar sat in the captain's chair, looking to be deep in thought. In truth Sovereign was less thinking than not thinking; functioning on autopilot, his mind was blank.

The green hills and mounds of the Saffron coast gave way to small beaches filled with tiny dots of people and then the vast ocean, glittering blue like a jewel. Exploration of the Saffron ruins would likely to banned in the wake of the Executioner's rising. The last thing the Saffron Lord would want was for another ancient monstrosity to be awakened from those ruins. Whether there would be such a monster or not dwelling in the depths, Sovereign did not know. That Executioner had not been in Fort Aer's archives. All of them had been presumed to be destroyed after the Black Wave.

The skies were getting darker. The sun was getting close to the horizon now, but the shadows in the sky were as much due to the close presence of the Ending World as they were to the sun descending from the heavens on its daily journey. What was the Order planning on doing with the Executioner? They could not possibly be planning to try to awaken it and control it. Sovereign knew the head of the Order, and knew that he was not that stupid. At the same time there was no way they could gain access to the interior of the Executioner without breaking the sealing spell; that had been made clear to the Circle Knights as well. Perhaps they merely wanted to study the magic of its shield, but there was little they could learn without being able to go inside the machine to study the generators within. As a result, it was difficult to discern why the Order would want it in Itum. Perhaps they merely did not feel safe with it being anywhere else.

Fort Aer was a golden speck hovering above the horizon now.

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