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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Butters, Tsuki Estrada and Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Parasanti, Carie’s Home/Lab
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Kamikaze (briefly)

The second she reached for him, he cringed, but was automatically, completely and totally immobilized by fear. Then, he almost stepped back, but Pyreflight blocked his path, holding him still. He looked at her, his eyes wide and sad. Why was she keeping him from getting away? Did she want the fake lady to hurt him? His eyes were filled with emotional pain. He turned his gaze back to Renita.

Suddenly, a warm, tingly feeling spread through his feet, flushing through him. He gave a small gasp and continued to cringe backward into Pyreflight. He felt something liquid-like envelope them, and about wailed in fear, unsure of what was happening, and too scared to look down. And then, he was standing in solid shoes, and he took the opportunity to push Pyreflight back enough to flee to the corner of the room and observe her from afar. He took a moment to examine the shoe. He wanted to see if it had done something to his feet, but having never had worn shoes for as long as he could remember, he didn’t know how. Butters quickly looked back up at the fake lady, wondering what she was doing. The mystery cloak lady had handed her some bread earlier, and fake lady crawled over to the table where it was… and it was gone in a flash. Butters squealed slightly and bit his lower lip, holding his loosely balled fists to his chin in a worried manner.

She’s gonna eat me, she’s gonna eat me, she’s gonna eat me…

Meanwhile, Tsuki was listening to Belcarth speak. Kozanar heard the mage’s words and nodded, sighing, but looked away. She smiled and nodded to the mage as he said that they hoped to meet again. “I’ll try to keep him out of trouble,” she told the mage.

”What is your problem?” she growled at Kozanar, disgusted.

”Shut up.”

”Don’t you even start with me, boy,” she retorted, as Belcarth headed out of the door. ”He’s right, and you know it.”

”Tsuki, I’m warning you…”

”What are you going to do, hit me? You know what happened last time you pushed me because you were angry.”

This gained no response, and he instead turned away from her and went to lean against the wall, losing himself in his thoughts. Tsuki left him to it. He could only sort this out on his own.

Butters, deciding not to stick around for dinner, quickly dashed from the room. He was scared even more by the harsh sound the shoes made as he moved. He bumped into Tsuki, who gently grasped his shoulders. She had to reach up to do so, because he was so much taller. He immediately froze. She stared at him sincerely.

“What’s wrong, Butters?” she asked gently. The poor thing, he looked terrified. And she had noticed sound when she walked, and realized that he had shoes on. Her brow furrowed in confusion, and she looked back up to his face.

“Sh-she did something weird to me…” he whimpered as he looked down at his feet. “Th-they make a funny noise a-and feel weird and my f-feet feel all tingly and squishy…”

“Well let’s take a look, why don’t we?” she said comfortingly. He stared at her for a moment, and then nodded slowly. He plopped down and tugged at the shoes, but with the buttons closed, he couldn’t get them off. “Here, try this.” She undid the buttons, and slipped off the shoe. Butters held his foot upward, so that he could look at them, and gave a little gasp. They weren’t bruised and calloused anymore. He rubbed his hand on them. They were smooth… and they didn’t smell anymore! He looked back up at Tsuki, fascinated. He then began examining the shoe itself. He smiled, and then tried to put them back on.

“Show… show me how?” he inquired of Tsuki, and guessing that he meant ‘how to put them on’, she helped him do so, and showed him how to redo the buttons. He watched her do it once, and then quickly tried himself. He beamed at her, his eyes lighting up with joy. He understood!

Then, Butters was overwhelmed by guilt as Tsuki stood up and went to see how Kozanar was doing. He had stared at her and run away like she was a freak! He stared at his brand new shoes and knew that under them were his feet, perfectly healed. He stood up, and reached into his large pocket, pulling out two buttercups, both withered. He breathed on them, and then held them in his cupped hands, using some earth magic to bring them back to life. They blossomed back into full color, in perfect health. As everyone assembled, he shyly shuffled up to Carie and Renita. He went to Renita first, and offered one of the large buttercups to her, keeping his gaze down.

“I’m s-sorry…” he apologized softly. “For b-being r-rude…”

Then, he turned to mystery cloak lady and gave her one. “Th-thank you for g-giving her the bread, and b-being so nice…”

Kozanar had finally quelled his thoughts and admitted that Tsuki had been right to her. They were back on positive grounds. They came near the others, each of them taking a chair.
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