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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Here I am, yet again. I don't mean to cause trouble, but again I'm noticing things that probably should have been dealt with a while ago. Some I'm sure people will find ridiculous and wonder why I even bothered looking, and others are things that are probably bothering others as well.

Firstly, I'm wondering if the officials even check to see if a member posted his/her stats or if someone posted stats without posting their team in the registration hq to get approval. I've seen one case of both, but I will not mention names on here. I mean, I see the stats as a must for at least listing a member's Pokémon, where they received their Pokémon, and their money cause the bank isn't updated that often. Other things like battle records and favorite arenas aren't really necessary. But if the stats board isn't even monitored, then why even bother with it? This is just something I've noticed, and pretty sure there are others that don't agree with me here and think that it's stupid that I even brought this up.

Now, time to bring up topics that I already dressed in my first post here. With battles, we have eleven referees (hopefully more with this next test), but only six have been active this month, and less than that active recently. With the Safari Zone, we have eight rangers, but hardly any of them posting. I see that as a problem. It was just a tease that ten were updated on one day, then a week later three different ones were updated, and then I believe a few days ago another was updated that wasn't apart of ten or three group. Sure, we'll have more active refs hopefully with the new test, but even I had problems with it. I think that how the test is set up this time, it's supposed to make us fail. So I see a low passing rate with this one. But that's just me. More activity is needed in those boards since those are the main backbone in the ASBL as far as I can see. Also, maybe the tests should be updated more regularly and more often so that those who fail one test don't have to wait months for a new test to try again.

Also, we need more moderators and officials. I'm not sure what has been done to help solve this problem, but we need more to accept new ASBL members, evolutions, addictions to teams, everything that needs a mod or official approval. One that is listed hasn't posted since who knows when. I haven't looked it up recently. That and it seems like the active ones want a break from this board and want to be active in others. I understand that, but those who are only active in the ASBL (I might be the only one, but you never know) can get really impatient when we see mods and officials on but not doing anything in this board (same goes for refs and rangers, but I understand that they need their breaks as well). I might not understand the process of this, but is it too much to ask to get more people to accept things in the threads that need approval?

I might have overstepped my boundary here, but I don't want to see this become less enjoyable. It used to be really fun, but now I'm getting a little irritated with the lack of activity. Personally, the ASBL is the only place I am now active. I don't visit any other part of the forum, having lost interest in the boards I used to be active in. It's sad really, but it's just what happened. I don't expect rapid results, but for what I am saying not fall on deaf ears. Take what I say as you will, but I truly am not trying to cause chaos or challenge anyone here. Everything has it's flaws, but I just want to see this overcome the flaws that can be fixed with a bit of effort on everyone's part. If I am seeing this all wrong, then please someone explain to me what I'm not viewing correctly and/or things that are being done to make this more enjoyable and active.
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