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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Magnansanti, en-route to the Underground Labs.
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz dodged arrow after arrow, attack after attack, and he hadn't even left Magnansanti. The Magnan guard were closing in.

He tried reloading his musket-thank the Lifemaker he kept spare ammunition-and fired another round, barely turning his head. The round metal orb struck another killing blow to the head, just managing to slip through the visor of one of the Guard that was getting very close. This only served to fuel their rage further, and they truly didn't want to let the men that had violated their law live any further.

Meanwhile, Jamal's regenerative ability was coming into play-his body shot out foregin objects while repairing itself, making simply using projectiles useless; death couldn't be achieved like this, a puzzle that confounded the Magnan guard and the king. However, this was starting to show a side-effect: Jamal was starting to get dizzier and dizzier for each and every blow that was delivered into his body, and although he wasn't going to be dying of getting hit with projectiles, Vyraz did not want to test if Jamal would live through a four-story fall to angry guard members and outraged civilians induced by sheer dizziness.

Henceforth, Vyraz had to try a different tactic: He wouldn't dodge these arrows forever, and Jamal was fortunate that his Pelipper was smart enough to keep close to Storm.

"Storm! do a loop-de-loop! Now!" Vyraz said, attempting to get storm Storm to do a loop-de-loop in the air, and Vyraz held on tight as the Braviary actually did the acrobatic act, landing straight behind the near-army of Magnan Guard.

"BRAVE BIRD!" Vyraz yelled, clinging on even tighter as Storm enveloped himself with red flames, and suddenly doubled it's speed to ram straight into the Magnan guard that were focused on killing Jamal.

A "Look out!" from the Magnan king would not be enough to save them from having to take the unexpected attack, as Riders were forcibly removed from their mounts, forced to fall to the earth, dead or unconscious. He rejoined Jamal, who was practically piloting his own mount subconsciously, barely hanging on.

But he barely had time to admire his work.

He had never expected the King to command his Archerops to use Acrobatics, a move that would have surely bucked him straight off, considering his age. However, he did, without being bucked off, and all behind Vyraz's back.

Vyraz was himself removed from his mount, but he wasn't falling down to certain doom below-instead, he was gripped by the talons of the very Archeops that the king flew upon.

Of course-the King had to prove it to Vyraz's face that he was better in every aspect before killing him. He immediately disregarded the King's age-the way he fought, he could have been a young man.

The Acherops dropped Vyraz off at a flat rooftop, whist the King himself dismounted in midair. The King was proving to be more willing to let the criminal have a fair chance than to kill him instantly with a fall. Vyraz guessed that he wasn't going to be easy, to do such a thing. He's heard of countless recollections of similar events, each foretelling a nasty beat-down by whoever lured their opponent into the trap. Vyraz immediately disregarded the Kingís age: he feared that his skill would far outdo the burden.

Vyraz drew the Zenith of Hope, and as the namesake of his blade would suggest, his hope peaked here: many have decided to back off the instant they saw the blade.

The instant the bright blue aura of Vyraz's blade was revealed to his combatant, the King's eyes widened, and for an instant, the fury was transformed into surprise. But then the king shook it off. "Bah! Intimidation! Worthless!" The King yelled, bringing out his own blade.

Vyraz was quickly realizing that the King was given his title for a reason. The blade he drew, much like Vyraz's own, had a very similar design, and a bright green aura-and all aura aside, Vyraz could still see the blade's name: Hands of Charity.

"Sir Havilos, I presume?" Vyraz said, almost mockingly.

Cavinas Havilos, of another one of the Lifemaker's more trusted generals, had a blade like Univar Inxi's. There was no doubt-the Magnan king was also one of Canivas's inheritors. There were two others aside from Havilos and Inxi, though he only knew the last name of the third (Turatazu), and the fourth he completely forgot. He also barely recollected that the forth blade was different from the other three. But such trivia was worthless to him now. King Havilos roared, and charged towards Vyraz with incredible speed unlike anything he would have ever expected from an old man-good thing that Vyraz was not expecting Havilos to act like an old man. He dodged, just in time for a lunge to strike air rather than flesh.

Havilos turned at Vyraz with the fury of one thousand charging Tauros, and the duo began dueling with ferocious moves. Vyraz was aiming to disarm-Havilos was aiming to kill.

The furious flurry of sword strikes and blocks was almost too fast to see, and thanks to the bright auras that surrounded their blades, certainly too fast to try and describe to anybody but the two duelists, the furious pace of the battle was so much. However, neither could do harm to the other-Vyraz's semi-defensive strategy did not leave enough opening to poke a hole through the King's purely offensive strategy, but it certainly kept Havilos from striking at Vyraz successfully.

After two minutes of this extreme swordsmanship, the two fighters backed up, far away from each other's swords, both taking a quick break. During this brief pause, he realized that he'd be killed instantly by the guard if he was able to disarm the King-fighting was pointless. If he called to Storm, they'd fire; If he won, they'd fire; if he tried to kill one, they'd fire.

If Jamal ordered his Pelipper to fire a Hydro Pump at the guards, they'd fire at Jamal. And they did. One blast of water that nearly shot a fully-armored member of the Guard straight at Havilos, who ducked and instead left another unfortunate guard member to take the lethal hit, and every last Magnan guard was fully focused on bringing Jamal down. The King looked briefly at the very Mage the whole conflict was about, when Vyraz made the move.

The sound of a sword meeting another quickly became the only sound anyone dared focus on, as the Hands of Charity were quickly knocked out of Havilos'es hands by the Zenith of Hope.

"STORM!!" Vyraz yelled, as the Crossbows of the Magnan Guard were being reloaded, and as they turned their heads to the very man that had disarmed their King.

He came just in time, quickly picking up Vyraz in his Talons, just as they were ready to fire, and then doing a very sharp turn to dodge every arrow. The Guard were frustrated at the fact that Vyraz had avoided every arrow they shot today-and moreover, they were fresh out. Except one.

The only member of the Magnan guard that was patrolling the air, who had but one arrow left, quickly located the last one and reloaded. They were nearly at the city limits, almost to the desert, and this was Magnansanti's last chance to strike him down-for good. He fired.

It was certainly no bullís-eye, and it wouldn't be killing him, but his shot had pierced Vyraz's lower side, and had counted enough to make him bleed. It hurt a lot. But that wasn't enough: They crossed the border, they're Pokemon were tired, and they were out of ammo.

The Guard looked at the King, who was rubbing his chin.

"You. I'll come with you and get the Circle Knights. The rest of you, stock up! We will be hunting them down!" King Havilos yelled. The Guard immediately obeyed. The King's Acherops returned to him, allowing him to fly over to the Circle Knight's Headquarters with the sole Guard that had successfully managed to shoot an arrow into Vyraz.

Meanwhile, a bit of a ways away, Vyraz stroke up conversation with Jamal.

"Thanks a lot." Vyraz said. Jamal came closer, a look of absolute fury on his face.

"You MORON!!" Jamal said, gripping Vyraz and shaking him on storm. Jamal's Pelipper decided that it wouldn't be wise to let Jamal near Vyraz, and flew away. Jamal had enough sense to let go.

"You idiot, you didn't think ahead! Now what? If they don't kill us, the desert will!" Jamal yelled. "I only saved your life because you might have some ridiculous idea about how to get out of this that I don't! SO COUGH SOMEHTING UP!!" Jamal yelled.

"The Magnansanti Laboratories!" Vyraz said, suddenly remembering that the Labs were also north of the city. "The Laboratories offer protection! They don't know where they are, and they can't find us! Gah..." Vyraz said, still feeling pain from his arrow wound. He knew better than to remove it-the object itself was acting as a bandage, able to block the bleeding.

"Let's fly lower! The labs must be underground!" Vyraz said. Storm and Jamal's Pelipper shot lower.

Vyraz hoped that they'd find it, and Vyraz hoped that there were medical supplies there. The Arrow hurt.


Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Fort Aer, En-Route to Lamentur Vail
Affected RPers: N/A

Avalon, Blizzard and Mario had been searching for a place to mount up on their respective flying types for takeoff for the past several minutes, when they reached the very place suitable for such things.

A small pad, extending outward from Fort Aer, just barely in contact with the true Ending World, provided enough space for three people to get onto three different Pokemon and take off for Lamentur Vail. Each threw out their PokeBalls, long-kept mementos from before the Fall.

Mario's one Pokemon was a Staraptor, capable of flight. After a quick check of surroundings, the Staraptor allowed Mario to get on it's back. Blizzard, of course, pulled out Handro, the great black bird making a quick call to any Murkrow in the Area. The Murkrow assembled, quickly making a noisy business out of it until another louder call from Handro silenced them.

Avalon pulled out the Luxury Ball that contained Ovation, her beautiful form blossoming from the stream of light that PokeBalls make. The state of despair around her caused her to blink, but she looked at Avalon curiously before allowing him to board.

"Alright then...Three...Two...One..." Avalon said, as the Pokemon in unison were about to takeoff.

"...Zero!" Avalon said, as each Pokemon flapped their wings with all their might and took off, each ready to brave the darkness to Lamentur Vail.

However, flying in total darkness was a way to get oneself killed, so Avalon also pulled out Gyro. The Raichu, perfectly balanced where he was released, was in immediate realization of what to use-Flash. The light emitting from Gyro was powerful enough to illuminate where Blizzard and Mario were, and was just enough to light the way forward, allowing them to see obstacles. They'd have to be cautious, though-too fast, and the floating boulders would be practicing in face-to-rock negotiations.

Avalon started to feel something wrong, just then: It wasn't powerful, but it was there, and it wasn't the sense of tension one got when navigating the Ending World.
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