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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Saffron, City of Ancients
Affected Rpers: k_pop, Lusankya

Waiting, waiting...Oh how she liked to wait...NOT. She was bored out of her dang mind, and there was very little left of it. However, at that moment someone very stern looking came up to her...Followed by a young mage with a Jolteon that certainly was bashful. Why, it was so cute hiding behind its partner! She'd hug it, if not for the fact her arms could crush the dear's bones and organs...Quite a messy hug, actually. She didn't want her paint job messed up.

“Hello there. Miss Portia asked me to thank you and your leader for your help. Things would have gotten messy without the quick action. I was also supposed to make sure you got out in one piece. Apparently she was impressed by how you charged into the fight.” She adjusted her glasses, scrutinizing the injuries she had received. It made Triple T feel like a caged experiment under inspection. “So, I guess you didn’t really get out unscathed. Do you need some help with anything?”

Immediately she popped her trunk, which swung up to reveal her "heart" - a silver dual electric engine. As of right now, the two storage containers were very low on electricity, the yellow bars, ten in all, reduced to a measly two on one, while the other was empty. The action startled the Jolteon who buried its face into its partner's side.

{Ahahaha, how cute~} She couldn't help but giggle. {I do require a charge, however...As you can see, the lights are rather dim. Running low on energy, as it is.} From the center of the engine a rod emerged. {Tell me, can that adorable little Jolteon use a powerful electric attack?}

The mage spoke up softly. "Y-yes, he can. I have to aim it at the rod, right?"

{Affirmative. Watch the bars on the containers - I will switch over when one is full automatically.} With hesitation, the electric fox stepped forward, charging. Energy crackled around its frame, its white mane becoming even more spiky from static, before it unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt. It struck the rod, travelling down into the container where it would be stored and used.

It didn't take very long before she was completely charged up and ready to go, although the Jolteon looked exhausted. {I think he needs a nice treat when you get back. Thank you. I will tell Sovereign-sama your thanks.} Zari again gave her thanks, before rallying what mages were left and heading off as a group.

It was then she received her transmission from Sovereign. [There is no way we can prevent the Order of the Red Circle from taking the Executioner short of killing them all. Being ships, we have little in the way of flexibility when it comes to the amount of firepower we can bring to bear. As for the technology, there is nothing of the Executioner that does not already exist within Fort Aer's databanks. The issue has always been one of resources, not technology.]

{Hm...You know, I have options. I can run them over or simply flick them out of the way~} She mused.

It was then he sounded concerned, although in her opinion it sounded completely forced. [Will you be able to make it back to Fort Aer? I will do my best to assure you the best repairs that can be given. If you cannot make it back yourself, I will tow you.]

{No worries, no worries~} She broke out into sing song. {Portia - who is giving her thanks to you - sent a mage along who recharged my batteries. I realize that my rockets are long gone...But maybe now I can get better weapons. Being a cargo ship can be so... Disadvantageous with weapons. Of course, I recall using my body and speed as one during the Wave. Ha ha, good times~} She giggled. {Thanks for the offer, Sovereign-sama...But I can make it back myself. Nice of you to offer a lady a helping hand! Great to know you still have humanity left, unlike that stingy ship Serenity. I have quite the prank in mind...}

That prank?

...It involved bunnies.

......A lot of bunnies.

{Tee hee~ Don't give her the heads up, all right? It won't hurt her one bit. Well, maybe her mentality, buuuuut we all make sacrifices~} Her engine rumbled with satisfactory performance at the full charge, but despite her humor, her injury was painful enough to suck some of the bravado out of her. She wouldn't be doing any tricks this time; she'd just head straight to Fort Aer.

The rails of light shot forth beneath her, and her frame lifted up into the sky, while her voice rose further in song.

{"This was a triumph...I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction...~"}

(Short, but...Ya'll get CAKE if you know what song she's singing ;D )
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