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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Helix the Gallade
Inside the Fortress

Leif had created a sort of cover to hide himself and Helix while Helix charged up his psychic energy. It seemed to be an okay cover but in a world of no cover, light would be basically a big sign attraction. Helix saw the strain of Leif's face as he did his best to hold up the Light Screen. "It's done and here we go!" Helix exclaimed. Helix and Leif were covered by a veil of deep blue energy. The blue psychic energy flashed and made them disappear. They then appeared inside the Pokemon Prison with a flash of blue light. Helix knelt down to rest. He had used a lot of his energy to Teleport them both inside.

Why am I so tired?! That move shouldn't have taken so much energy out of me. Could it be the effects of this world? Maybe using moves is harder in this world... Helix panted for a few moments then stood up. He examined his surroundings. He looked around to see a hall of nothing but prisoners. These are the prisoners! They seem so hopeless and depressed...we have to free them!

Heart the Togekiss
In a cell, Inside the Pokemon Prison

Heart was laying in her prison cell, depressed and beaten down. She looked tired, tired of sitting in this cell watching all of her friends suffer in there with her. This bleak prison hallway where the Black Knights left us to rot. I wish I could get out and do something to help. But I can't do it alone. And no one else will even attempt at fear of being destroyed by the Black Knights. I need a miracle. Just as Heart was about to give up, she saw a flash of blue light down the hallway of her cell. She saw two pokemon appear. She could make out one to be a Gallade and the other a Whimsicott. Have they c-come to free us... A gleam of hope shined in Heart's eyes.

Lupper the Piplup
Outside the Pokemon Prison

Lupper slammed his glowing beak into the Rhyperior's chest. But he just bounced right off. Lupper tumlbed but quickly stood up. It seemed the armor was impenetrable. Lupper of course would not give up. Lupper fired an intense Bubblebeam from his beak that didn't even phase the Rhyperior. It's his armor! That's what makes my attacks useless! I need to think of something quick! Lupper then sent a Whirlpool at him but still nothing.Rhyperior then launched a Hyper Beam with directly hit Lupper and sent him flying. Lupper groaned as he tried to stand up but the Rhyperior attacked him with Rock Smash.

The brutal punch slammed Lupper into the ground. Rhyperior was charging up a Focus Punch to finish Lupper off. Lupper fired an Ice Beam right before the punch was launched. The Rhyperior was frozen solid. Lupper let out a sigh of relief. That was a close one... Lupper sat up and ate the Oran Berry he had been given. He immediately felt better. He decided it was time for him to head back with the Squad. He ran towards them.

OOC: Well maybe when the Elite Squad was sent through time Flare somehow ended up apart from us, then was captured and in the Prison?
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!
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