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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Fort Aer
Affected RPers: N/A

The person inside the ice had defrosted completely, and the pod came up...

...Avalon liked the face, but was expecting otherwise. Instead of Karazin-a slightly tall, lanky young man who had the wit to outsmart some Alakazam, he found the muscular mass that could probably lift things many times his own weight with relative ease, a man named Mario.

Mario was one of Avalon's friends, and henceforth, this was a victory regardless of odds tilting a semi-unexpected way. However, Mario was nothing short of ripped. And not just a little, it was almost inhuman-like someone replaced Mario's regular muscles with Machoke muscles. It got even more impressive when one considered a fifty-pound iron ball hanged off a chain from a small metal cuff on each wrist.

Avalon was hoping for a more mentally-capable person-Karazin-But Mario wasn't dumb in the slightest, with above-average intelligence (basically like the rest of his friends). He wasn't slow either.

Mario looked to the control room, and walked up a small plight of stairs that led to the door that shielded the control room from the rest of the cryogenic storage facility. Opening it-and finding his saviors from his icy prison-he clapped.

"Bravo, Avalon, well done. I had a timer set for...uhh...two hundred years later than this, but it looks like my services are required early." Mario said, looking at a small little section of the control panel that told Mario that he had been woken up hundreds of years ahead of schedule.

"Weren't our services always needed, no matter what?" Avalon joked.

"Yes, they were always needed. I do think Mario's got amnesia!" Blizzard said, mockingly.

"Ah, off it!" Mario said, not offended in the slightest.

Avalon, Blizzard and Mario walked outside of the facility, feeling quite cheery. The few moments of sorrow-filled solitude when Mario was absent were now gone.

They were on the verge of re-entering the main lobby, when Mario stopped rather suddenly. "Oh! Almost forgot something..."

"And what would that be?" Avalon asked.

"Remember when you said to hold onto a few of your PokeBalls because you were going to go down to Saffron's ruins?" Mario said.

"Yes, I do. Why?" Avalon asked.

Mario took three PokeBalls out of his pockets-one Luxury Ball, one Timer Ball, and one Ultra Ball. He gave the Luxury Ball and the Ultra Ball to Avalon, who knew the contents: Ovation the Togekiss and Gyro the Raichu, two of his best Pokemon. Ovation was a beautiful Togekiss who had a calm and nice personality, a presence that could heal people on contact, and was big enough to be an arial mount (Avalon didn't like riding on Handro) not to mention that she was an excellent battling Pokemon. Gyro had a brown metallic coat, red electricity (like his master), and a thousand and one ways to use discharge, and all that aside, he still had enough wit to think his way out of any situation.

"Ah...I see you still didn't recreate the computer we were working on..." Avalon said. "...Or did you simply not have enough time to reach it?"

Avalon and a small group were trying (very hard) to recreate the computer-and henceforth, the Pokemon Storage System-something that wasn't really working when they initially tried. Of course, considering Avalon froze himself, and probably so did the rest of his friends (from the looks of things), Avalon had already guessed that it probably was still unfinished.

"It's unfinished." Blizzard said. "We were so close. It's probably ruined beyond repair now, considering time's cruel hand...all that salvaging, all that reconstructing, all that hard work...gone."

Avalon felt sad. That was like trying to re-invent the wheel, and it felt even harder. So close. But that didn't drag him down.

"Alright, Mario! just to get you up to speed...We've got three more locations where the cryogenic storage facilities are located, and two of them contain our allies!" Avalon said. "We've already checked Saffron and Mancia, and of course there's no other cryogenic storage facility in Fort Aer, so that leaves Lamentur Vail, Paransanti, and Magnansanti!" Avalon added. "Lamentur Vail is closest, so we'll head there next."

"Sounds like a plan! Wait...You've only got a plan to reunite us if-"

"All hell's going to break loose. And then some." Blizzard said, finishing Mario's sentance. "Aside from the Executioner, there's no signs of anything like that..." Blizzard said, thinking hard about anything that could be a sign.

"I've got a feeling about this...And you know that if I've got a feeling about something-"

"It's bound to happen." Mario said, finishing Avalon's sentance. "...So...Does anybody know if the teleporters still work?" Mario asked.

"The chance of that is-"

"Almost zero." Avalon said, finishing Blizzard's sentance. "It looks like we're flying." he added.


Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Affected RPers: N/A

...And that's what we're doing tomorrow! Any questions?" Vyraz said, having just told Jamal the full of what he intended to do tomorrow.

Jamal's jaw as agape, and his face that outmatched the Slayer in terms of sheer fury was starting to come back.

"...You can ask, no harm, really..." Vyraz said.

Jamal nearly sprang for Vyraz, but thinking better at the last second, he instead decided to take Vyraz's advice. "WHAT THE HELL?!?! NOOOO WAY IN MONGIRU BARRO AM I GOING UNDERGROUND EVER AGAIN!!" He screamed, in a voice that nearly blasted Vyraz's eardrums straight through his head. "Do you remember what happened last time?! THE EXECUTIONER WOKE UP MID-EXPLORATION, THAT'S WHAT!!!!" Jamal yelled.

"...I didn't require you to go, for the record." He said.

"...Oh." Jamal said, now extremely relieved from his prior thought of Vyraz being potentially, indirectly responsible for another uprising of the Wave.

'Knock knock knock knock.' Vyraz had visitors! He opened the door, completely unaware that he'd get three crossbows straight at his face in response.

Vyraz whipped his hands up at the sight, and so did Jamal, both backing up so that the Magnan Guards could get in, followed by the Magnan King himself. They looked much more foreboding and serious than their prior business engagement.

"Oh! Great Magnan King!" Vyraz said, bowing. Jamal followed Vyraz's suite.

"Stand up! Now!" The King said. The age in his voice seemed to vanish a bit. The duo would have done it regardless of this fact.

"Now, according to several magic-tracing devices that we have at the castle at all times..." the King started, "...We have great reason to believe that your friend there is indeed a Mage." The elderly king said, pointing at Jamal.

"...In retrospect, he does have a magical quality, but it wasn't one he was born with, it wasn't one he wanted to have, and one could consider it a similar equivalent to what the Circle Knights have on their armor. It's a simple enchantment, not actual Magarey!" Vyraz said, trying to convince the King to not kill them (The guards had yet to lower their crossbows).

"And, unfortunately for the both of you, I've discussed the matter far prior with six of my most trusted nobles. Three of them and I agreed that magical enchantments directly on the body-what you've described-is indeed Magarey, whist the other three declined. Unfortunately, Jamal is a Mage under Magnansanti Law, though I only refrained from killing you in the halls of my palace for one reason." The King said.

"And that would be?" Jamal asked, with a simple eye movement to Vyraz pinpointing the only escape route they had right now.

"Your filthy blood would be all over the palace, and it would be a pain for the royal servants to clean up. And all blood is filthy, even the Lifemaker's own, so no offense." The King said in a smile that clearly said otherwise.

The movement was as if it were scripted in a play: Jamal and Vyraz jumped towards the Window, their Pokemon perched just outside so they could preen, just as the arrows sailed towards their previous position. As they mounted, they heard the signs of reloading loud and clear, and the duo took off before they fired at them again.

"SEIZE THEM!!" The Magnan King yelled, a shout loaded with power.

At once, several members of the Magnan Guard suddenly appeared with flying Pokemon in hot pursuit of the duo.

"We haven't even performed Magic yet!" Vyraz yelled, turning around to see that the King was also following them, riding his Archerops, a rapier unsheathed.

"Unfortunatly for you, the Magnan Law states that mages aren't allowed in Magnansanti without supervision, period! It states nothing about the use of magic at all!" The King said. "It's been that way for centuries now, and it's not changing just for you!"

The law was quickly turning against them faster and faster. If Vyraz didn't bring Jamal into the city at all, this would be completely different. But there was no time to question this.

Vyraz pulled out his Musket, and shot straight behind him, not really noticing who he hit, other than the signs of a rider's limp body falling to the ground...And screams of horror...And the roars of the Magnan Guard, above and below...The King's roars were still heard, slightly relieving Vyraz: Had he killed the king, he'd have lost everything and more.

He barely had time to think past this, however, as the Guard had just recovered from the brief shock from such a bold, desperate, and insane move as killing one of their guard, and launched an arrow at Jamal that he nearly avoided, as sure signs of other Magnan's, whether they were the actual guard or simply a civilian, rushing upwards to Kill the single soul that had slain one loyal member of their grand guard.

Vyraz had one goal in mind: Go north. If he reached the city limits, they might still pursue, but going into the desert virtually assured that he'd no longer have anything on his tail: Who'd go into a steaming-hot wasteland looking for a criminal that was probably going to die anyway?

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