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Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
Safari Zone Utility Store Version 2.0

Welcome all, to the Safari Zone Utility Store! Sorry, it took some time for the Store to get going, but no worries, we're here now, and we've got a nice variety of items that will help you in your adventures in the Safari Zone. Make sure to stock up on supplies before you enter the Zone!

Have a look at the items we have for sale.

Healing Items

Castelia Cone - Cures Pokémon of all status effects - $3
Sweet Heart – Restores your Pokemon’s Health by 10% - $5
Energy Powder – Restores your Pokemon’s Energy by 10% - $5
Moomoo Milk – Restores your Pokémon’s Health and Energy by 10% - $10


Healing Pack - $20

2x Castelia Cone
1x Sweet Heart
1x Energy Powder
1x Moomoo Milk

Special Items

Honey – Increase Capture rate by 10% - $10

Exclusive Item

Member Card - Accumulate points when you shop again in the future

* 1 Point earned for every $5 you spend.
* Use points to take part in Lucky Draws held in the store occasionally.
* Win different items, and if you're 'lucky' enough, you may walk away with bountiful prizes.


Lucky Draw Prize List

* Additional Points
* Monetary Award (Up to $5)
** Safari Zone Passes
*** Coupon 1, Coupon 2, Coupon 3 (You can only win one of these at a time)

- Collect all 3 Coupons and exchange them for a Mystery Gift!

(Definitely more prizes will be added here)

NOTE: Items can be used both in and outside battle (unless mentioned otherwise), and cost a Safari Point. Only one item can be used at a time.

Additional Notes: Basic list for now. Will add new items in due time.

Edit : I've taken away the only items that bothered Nate, and added in an extra Castelia Cone to make the Healing Pack more delightful.

When the egg idea gets approved, one of the Mods can either Edit it into the shop, or drop me a VM/PM and I'll handle it from there. In the future should I have any new items/add-ons, I'll post them here, if that's fine with you dragons.
Sure, Approved (1/2).

Also, I'm curious as to what this egg idea of yours was..?
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