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Simply put, a nuclear disarmament will only make the world more safe if it is mandatory and universal. If it is not an honest, unanimous decision, and some nations possess nuclear weapons while others do not, then it will only make the world more dangerous as the risks to an aggressor using nuclear in a first strike against an enemy goes down because they know the enemy cannot retaliate. Simply imagine if the United States and NATO disarmed all their nuclear weapons while Russia did not. Russia would have the power to wipe out the entire United States at no threat to itself (other than global ecological side effects) because there would be no United States left to retaliate through conventional warfare. With no way to defend against the use of nuclear weapons except through the threat of nuclear weapons, disarming all nukes is at best foolhardy.

Thus, nuclear disarmament is dependent on all nations agreeing to do it simultaneously, while not hiding anything from the international community. This is realistically impossible. Antagonist nations will never trust each other to disarm. India and Pakistan will never disarm while the other exists, and no one can trust North Korea or Iran to disarm theirs (although Iran does not yet possess nuclear capability, it is obvious that they are after them). Even a formal nuclear abolition could not prevent covert nuclear programs, which is almost certain to occur as it is far too tempting to have nuclear weapons in an other non-nuclear world. The reality is, the nuclear genie is already out of the bottle, and there is no way to put it back in. Nuclear technology cannot be un-invented. Now that they are out there, there is no practical way of getting rid of them.

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