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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
Affected RPers: Grassy_Aggron

Sovereign's avatar finally returned to the ship amid much cheering of his crew. Having watched the entire battle from high above, many of these young people had wanted to join in the fight themselves. Few, however, were mages, so it was unlikely they could have contributed much more than keeping Sovereign operational. Sovereign told them as much in an attempt to keep their self-worth up. As he was doing so, a message came over from Triple T.

[Sovereign-sama, Magister Delani wishes to give his thanks. He hopes the Magister Circle and the Fleet will remain on good terms.] A short silence. [Um...I hope I'm not intruding but...Shouldn't we take the Executioner, not the Circle Knights? It's crazy - and I know crazy - to let them have it. We could use its ancient technology to help keep the Fleet going. Besides, I'm not exactly fond of the Circle Knights...They always give me "the look". I don't like them.] A cough. [Agh...Sorry. Got caught in a tendril of the black crud. Someone saved me, though. But now I don't have my rocket launchers any more...And a giant hole in my head. It hurts...]

Sovereign mulled over his response for a while. [There is no way we can prevent the Order of the Red Circle from taking the Executioner short of killing them all. Being ships, we have little in the way of flexibility when it comes to the amount of firepower we can bring to bear.] This all-or-nothing response had been troublesome in the past and it would remain so in the future. Sovereign always either had the option of either building-leveling firepower or doing absolutely nothing. Hence why humans were still vital to the Armada. [As for the technology, there is nothing of the Executioner that does not already exist within Fort Aer's databanks. The issue has always been one of resources, not technology.]

However difficult it was, Sovereign attempted to inject a tone of concern into his transmission. [Will you be able to make it back to Fort Aer? I will do my best to assure you the best repairs that can be given. If you cannot make it back yourself, I will tow you.]

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