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Default Re: What is your most hated Pokemon in Unova?

Originally Posted by VictoriasHoundoom View Post
emboar, it's design is much too busy and cluttered. <- It looks like a flaming greek patterned anthro boar. I don't see how it's cluttered. o-o
Gurdurr a clown on steroids? It's whole evelution line looks messed up. <- Gurdurr made me go grr.
Crustle, it was soo cute as a Dwebble, but then that? can't it have an actual shell at least? Dwebble never actually had a shell, it was a rock carved out to act like one. Crustle upgraded to a giant slab of sandstone so...
Sigilyph WTH? It gives me nightmeres! it's like unknown and xatu had some messed up demon child. <- I saw it for the first time and went WTF too...
Vanilluxe and it's preevoled forms... it looks like castform got frozen, turned into icecream then went psycho and creepy and doubled itself or somthing! <- I've never eaten soft serve since.
Beheeyem and Elgyem... again, WTH? I believe it's an ET ref...
Cryogonal what is that anyway/ <-It's a killer snowflake. I swear.

Dunsparce. It's plain, weak, does nothing, and becomes nothing. <- You've clearly never seen a Paraflinch Sparce before...
My comments are in bold.

I don't so much hate Stunfisk as much as it freaks me out.
Then I got a shiny one off GTSN nicknamed 'Derpfish'. I thought that was freakin' awesome.

Anyway, my new hater:

Bouffalant. It makes me want to cry Afro Samurtos so much, and somehow it KO's Pokemon on my team despite level difference. I mean what the flip...
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