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Default Re: [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

Crissy Marcholv
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Crissy had gotten a message to report to Lex's office and, like always, she was going to be late. She did this on purpose all the time, because of her cocky very non-serious personality. She'd do anything to get on Lex's bad side if she wasn't determined to keep her job. She wasn't afraid though. She considered herself to be a member of this team they couldn't afford to lose. Very self centered of her. She also referred to herself as Lex's right hand man... or woman, but that obviously wasn't true. Overall, Crissy was a VERY self centered girl who liked doing things her way and her way only unless threatened to do otherwise.

Being late as usual, she eventually bursts through the doors that lead into Lex's quarters by kicking the door open.

"Hey, hey, hey there, Lex! Guess who's here??? It's your favorite team mate: Crissy!", she exclaimed with a cute giggle. She took a seat on Lex's desk, without permission obviously. "So what is today's mission, huh? Stealing more pokemon energy, I'm guessing?"
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