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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Leif the Whimsicott
Pokemon Prison

Everything was a blur. Leif saw the huge flash, the guard slowly approaching the Shinx, the scream of Helix as he ran. Lupper distracted the other guard, and Helix beckoned towards Leif. They stopped directly outside the gate, where Helix began to focus his Psychic powers. Leif stepped in front of him, blocking him from the view of the guards. He decided he had to do something to protect them. After pondering it for a short while, he figured out exactly what to do. Concentrating a little bit of his own energy, a glowing yellow box appeared around him and his teammate. He knew he could not hold the Light Screen for very long, so he silently prayed Teleport would work. "Do you know how much more time it will take?" he asked, straining to keep the energy wall up. He tried to distract himself from the pain, focusing on Lupper's strategy against the guards. "I don't exactly know how much longer I can hold this, and it isn't exactly the best disguise..." but then he realized. How obvious would a screen of light be in a black-and-white world? "Please, hurry! If either of the guards sees the barrier we're screwed!"

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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