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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Jack the Riolu
Outside the Pokemon Prison

"Time to strike" Jack leapt off the ledge and right on the Rhyperior who was near Eli. He didn't see Eli so he hung on as the Rhyperior kept try to throw him off. "You call yourself a guard you can't even beat a little Riolu". The Rhyperior smashed Jack into the wall. Jack used that time to use Drain Punch to get back some health. "Your nothing but a big dumb rock" The Rhyperior charged at him while he jumped right over. The Rhyperior used Rock Tomb and trapped Jack then used Rock Wrecker smash him into the wall. Jack saw Eli and he whispered "Eli use that orb when I get him close. Aim for the mouth to avoid his strong rock body". Jack then used Quick Attack to quickly get onto the Rhyperior. Jack grabbed the roof of his mouth and pulled it open. "Eli now throw the orb".

OCC: What about Flare? Where should he be?
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