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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Eli the Shinx
Nearby the PokePrison

I smiled slightly as Helix gave us the strategy that we would use to infiltrate the Prison, due to the fact that my idea was mainly used. This gave me the feeling of acceptance within the Squad, only slightly, as I was being heard by all members, and not cast out by anyone. I nodded in agreement with the plan given, and I was slightly surprised when Night approached me.

"Since you're new, here you go. It can come in handy," he stated, offering me a Blast Orb politely. I smiled slightly, taking the orb between my two paws, laying it on the ground in front of me. I wouldn't be able to carry it, for I did not have a Bag in which I could carry it in, and it was too big to fit inside of my mouth. Therefore, for now, I would have to roll it along the ground.

"Thank you," I said to Night, just before he went back to his serious expression and focused on the task ahead of us. I heard Lupper behind me, informing me that my move would be the start of our infiltration. I nodded to him in understanding and I began to walk away from the group, rolling the Orb with me as I went. In order for the plan to work successfully, I would have to distract the guards to a different direction, then anybody would be able to take them out from behind if need be.

I stood in my spot, behind a few bushes, and looked to the Squad, who were preparing themselves for the fight that was to come. I knew I would have the most difficulty in this battle, due to the fact I had no training whatsoever in fighting, but here I was, where I am now, and I needed to play my role. From where I was, I could see the two guards, their eyes transfixed in a direction away from my position. In the dark the Squad and I were in, the guards wouldn't have been able to see us, and the distance was just far enough so that our speech wouldn't be able to be heard by the two.

I looked towards Lupper's direction, and I nodded to him to confirm my next move. Immediately afterwards, I closed my eyes tight and began to focus on the electricity that was held within my body. My fur began to raise due to the static, and my tail began to glow a bright yellow. Sparks began to jump out of my fur and, soon enough, my whole body had begun to glow a faint yellow. As the light from my body intensified, more and more sparks began to jump out of my fur, but, as they seemed to jump faster, they seemed as if they were flying off, in every direction possible.

Opening my eyes, yet still continuing my Spark, I saw that one of the guards were looking in my direction. The guard beside him nodded to his comrade, as if giving him the clear to investigate. As soon as I saw the guard take a step forward, I stopped using my Spark. This had now caused the guard to approach me quickly, eager to catch whatever was making the bright yellow light as soon as possible, before it had ran off. Quickly, I ducked behind the bush, grabbing the Blast Orb as I did so. As soon as I saw the figure of the guard, I would throw the Orb at it.

My Spark hadn't attracted the other guard, who was still standing at its post. The Squad would have to find a way to entice it away, and then they would have to find a way inside the Prison. Regretfully, I hadn't warned the Squad about one point they hadn't thought about: There may have been a reason as to why some of the Pokemon were imprisoned. Therefore, there may be an even more dangerous foe within the wooden compound.

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