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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Jack the Riolu
Pokemon Prison/Wooden Fortress

"I like it. It involves beating bad guys" Jack looked excited. He saw the two Rhyperiors guarding the entrance hardly moving like they're statues. Jack knows that they're doing that to keep focus and to fool anyone who can't tell the difference. He used Endure in case of any surprises. He thought that a pokemon prison would have more guard, traps and tricks. Jack started to think of some possibilities with Helix's plan. Jack thought it was good but who knows what might happen because they weren't used to things here. Eli spark/flash might distract the Rhyperiors but if they're more guards Leif and Helix better be careful. The guards could use tricks like the Rhyperior seem to look like statues to trick anyone who tries escape or save porkemon from the prison. "You guys I'll go up there to get a good shot with orbs". Jack searched his bag to see if he has anything of use and brought out some orbs to use. Jack climbed onto a ledge to stand on a leap out to attack the Rhyperiors after Eli brought them over there. Jack got into attack position and ready to fight.

OCC: Mickmon are the other Elite Squad members in the prison or are they with us but are unconscious.
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