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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

OOC: WARNING: Massive two-post text wall ahead!!!!!!

These took FOREVER and even then, I'm holding off on Kuro's(but his wouldn't have been as long anyway. XD Anyway, I swear a almost seventy-five to eighty percent of the text in the following intros could be tied to different songs I have been listening to/thinking of lately, and because I feel like it, I'll add minor OOCs as they appear. Oh, and I really enjoy Shiro's entire section. :) It has poetry in it!!!!! (Thus proving me more of a nerd than you already knew I was, because I was writing the intro when I thought of the poem, and then went back and put the poem(("I Heard a Fly Buzz" by Emily Dickinson)) in, lol!)

Mao Masuyo, Yukimura Sanada, and Kunoichi
Saku Army Camp, Kikuchi

(Cue "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry for the Italics section)

He seemed so frail. She frowned at the sight, this wasn’t the Hanbei she had met months before, he wouldn’t normally have been simply sitting in bed, nearly as pale as the sheets, and almost as limp. He’d have been running around and chatting it up with everyone and strategizing nonstop. So the rumors were true. He was sick, and he was dying. “Mao-chan?” The gentle voice interrupted her dark thoughts, and she smiled politely at him.

“Hanbei-san?” She couldn’t bring him down with her, he needed cheering up, not her! He tilted his head slightly, causing all of his dark, shaggy hair to shift to the side of his face and smiled back. He looked like a child, he was already small and mischievous, and he was younger than her, yet still a genius. He was a kid. Why did he have to die like this? Why so young? Why in front of her and everyone else? He’d had to come, of course. Had to lend a hand to everyone because that was just the way he was rather than stay away from the war.

“You’re not yourself right now. Well, that is, unless you’ve become someone different since I saw you last… But I doubt that! What is wrong?” Mao Masuyo bit her lip, if one would have looked closely, her golden eyes were filled with sorrow that seemed out of place for her.

“No, I haven’t become someone different, really. It’s just that—“ She didn’t get to finish, the strategist cut her off.

“If I’m going to die, I’d like it to be in battle, Mao-chan. Just know that, please? I know what I’m doing here, as any strategist should!” She blinked in surprise, the sadness in her eyes lightened a bit.

“If anyone would let you go to battle, that is. You make a friend out of anyone who comes your way, everyone who has met you is concerned about your health. You’re as pale as the sheets, and not moving around near as much as you normally would—which means you’d be bouncing off the tent walls and finding stray kitties—why would you be allowed to go into battle?” A little bit of humor tinged her voice at the start, but that faded to worry. His bony fingers dug into the sheets slowly.

“Because I asked for an honorable death serving my duty to my people.” He said quietly, humorlessly, staring at the form under the sheets that indicated his legs were beneath. Mao shifted uncomfortably. “Because I refuse to be the weak one who died of illness quietly while everyone else fought. I am sure those who worry for me will watch me closely in battle and I will not die as quickly as it may seem I might… How is it out there? That beast who calls himself my partner in crime refuses to talk of anything that is not the weather or how I feel!” The playful indignance that colored his voice upon the last sentence brought back her smile for a moment before it was swept away again.

“It’s tense. They’re waiting on the first real move. It feels like you could cut the tension with a knife—we could use some of your humor around here, a little something to take our minds off the constant ponderings that would cause us to go mad if we did not.” It was then she started to work the smile back onto her face, as if his joking had really helped her feel a little better about the situation. “And the kitties are still being fed, of course…well, as many as I can find and can feed. Not many seem to be around here because of all the noise. And “that beast” is being driven crazy by all the new faces and the fact he doesn’t have a perfectly trained force at his disposal, you’d have gone crazy from all the serious talk going around, that’s probably why he won’t talk about it with you—knowing you, you wouldn’t listen to any of it anyway, Hanbei-san.” She laughed at the end and reached out without thinking to brush his hair back into place with her fingers. Wordlessly, he allowed it and even smiled as she brought her hand back to her lap.

“No doubt he’s a mess without me.” He said slowly, Mao nodded,

“He’s all seriousness now, no fun at all!” She pouted, Hanbei laughed at her and reached out to pat her head.

“I feel sorry for you when I do go, then I won’t be around to calm his nerves at all. Oh well, good luck!” He smiled brightly. Then his hand fell away from Mao’s head limply. “I’m so tired, Mao-chan… Would you please allow me to rest some? I’m sorry for asking you to depart so suddenly, but…” It was sudden, but so was everything else about his situation.

“No, I understand. It is fine. Go ahead and rest, I hope your dreams are nice.” Mao murmured, standing up quickly and heading for the tent’s exit.

“Mao-chan, would you put out the candle for me? The light irritates me, maybe it’ll deter that doctor from waking me up at all odd hours tonight so I can get some rest.” She couldn’t help but smile again as she put out the flame and the tent darkened, along with her mood.

“If you want to keep the doctor away, just promise me you’ll wake up in the morning? I’d feel guilty if the doctor didn’t come and you didn’t wake up in the morning.” She asked in an almost childlike manner. A soft laugh came from Hanbei then.

“Promise. I gotta make it to the first battle, so I can’t go just yet.” The words followed her out of the tent and into the open air dusk.

“How is he?” Mao didn’t so much as jump as the taller man spoke from behind her as she left the tent.

“Not good.” She kept walking away steadily, eyes fixed forward.

“Are you going to leave at just that?” He pushed, Mao turned her head to glare at him sharply, golden eyes blazing with silent fire. Yukimura couldn’t help but take a step back.

“You don’t know him, Yuki-sama. Why do you care?” He was taken aback by the bitterness in her voice and the general air of agitation about her. Mao was a tough girl, this was totally new to him, he’d never really seen her upset like this.

“Because it’s bothering you.” It was an honest answer, Mao was one of the few people he actually considered a friend, and that aside, he had known her for years yet never seen her act this way before. It was baffling and disconcerting for him. Mao raised an eyebrow at him.

“And how is that any excuse?” She fired back sharply; Yukimura smiled and shook his head.

“It’s an excuse because it bothering you is making you act weird. You are not usually a snappy or sad person, Mao-chan, but you are right now.” He pointed out almost patiently, as though he were waiting on her to realize something. Mao seemed to deflate, puffing her cheeks up and blowing the air out between her lips slowly as the looked up at the sky.

“Sorry, Yukimura-sama.” Yukimura blinked in surprise—she had used his full name instead of that ridiculous shortening? “I’m just worried and a bit sad. Everyone who knows him is. Hanbei-san is a strategic genius, but at the same time, he’s also very kind and funny… He’s younger than me. Not by much, but still… It seems unfair.” Mao admitted, and then she seemed to realize something. “Where did Kunoichi go?” She asked suddenly, looking to Yukimura in what seemed to be complete curiosity.

“What makes you think I know? She’s not exactly chained to me twenty-four seven.” Yukimura remarked, sighing. “Trust me, I wish I knew.” This earned him another raised eyebrow from Mao.

“She’s your ninja, you should know where she is. And after the way she irritated the one commander, I think you were supposed to have her metaphorically chained to your side around here.” Mao commented, sounding as though she was now holding back laughter. Yukimura looked annoyed with the younger samurai’s reaction.

“She might be my ninja, but you also seem to forget that that girl has a mind of her own and makes frequent use of it.” He grumbled about the same time a pink blur practically flew from the nearby tree behind them. Neither caught it—she was that good, surprisingly—before Mao felt a slight push on her shoulder and suddenly the ninja in pink stood before them. “Speak of the devil…” He sighed under his breath and Mao laughed.

“I have to be competent enough to best protect you, Yukimura-sama!” Kunoichi chirped brightly, apparently having heard the snatch of conversation before her entrance. Her bronze ponytail bounced slightly behind her as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

“I can protect myself, Kunoichi.” Yukimura remarked dryly while Mao had to restrain herself from laughing at the frazzled expression that had appeared on his face. If it had been an anime or manga, it would have been that one with the little dot pupils in the middle of funny-shaped eyes with random bits of hair sticking out from the rest of the main shaggy mass atop his head.

“B-but as your servant, I should do everything in my power to protect my master!” Kunoichi pouted, wide-eyed and childlike.

“No, what you should do is listen to orders and do nothing other than follow them.” Yukimura argued, this time earning himself a response from Mao.

“What fun would that be?” She questioned innocently and in response Kunoichi nodded quickly in agreement.

“Mao-chan, don’t encourage her!” Yukimura sputtered, prompting a laugh from both girls. Mao couldn’t help it, she needed the laughter.

“She’s not encouraging me, I was thinking the same thing.” The smile on Kunoichi’s lips curled into a smug little smile of satisfaction. For a brief moment, seeing just them, one would have found it impossible to believe the three friends were waiting for war to break out and one of them was worried about a friend dying in a tent not all the far away while the other two were worried about her. But then again, life was like that sometimes. Sometimes it kindly gave you little bits of happiness to ease the immense pain that was happening or coming...

Mao stared at the leaves of the tree that hung high above her head in thought. Last night…that was when the unease had finally set in for her. The world was just as fragile as life was, it could fall apart at any moment simply because of one action resulting in many. War was an abominable thing, yet it was necessary, it seemed. Why in the world nothing could be settled peacefully baffled her, but she was young so of course she wouldn’t understand it…or so the older warriors said. She sat up and scanned the area around her almost on instinct alone. It brought nothing unusual, just Yukimura practicing his spearwork again as he had a habit of doing when he was nervous or bored. Kunoichi was up in the tree Mao had been staring up at, watching as well and climbing about like a child might. However, unlike most children, the girl hadn’t fallen out and if it weren’t for the telltale rustle and occasional muttering, you wouldn’t have known she was there. The morning was as quiet as ever, and who could blame it? All the warriors who had joined sides had nothing to do other than wait, maybe plan or drill, or spar, but that was all in their free time brought on by the wait. If one hadn’t known what was going on, it simply would have seemed as though the warriors assembled throughout the area had created their own little village out of whatever they could. Tents and shabby wooden huts and lean-tos littered the area, with no official organization because most of the forces here had just gotten together, many never having been in any kind of official army, of at least not a very big one. This was probably the biggest force ever formed in Kikuchi, Mao betted. The country had been pretty prosperous, aside from minor uprisings and petty land squabbles. All that had changed with the Emperor’s death. It was something Mao had seen before on smaller scale, like when the head of a family died without a clearly chosen successor. Families were divided and bickered, or even more often, fought it out. Families could be torn apart that way, but it was never a huge problem for anyone else. Now that it was on a larger scale, Mao could see that it was going to be a huge problem, a very huge problem indeed.

“Yuki-sama, how do you not get tired of drilling all day?” Mao called boredly. The samurai stopped his drilling and turned to her before shaking his head and coming towards her. Kunoichi dropped out of the tree and landed gracefully on her feet.

“Looks boring.” The little, pink clad ninja remarked.

“Your appearance is dismal.” He shot back, and Mao stifled another laugh. Kunoichi’s clothes and usually neat appearance were marred by leaves, a few sticking out of her hair, some caught between her guards and skin, and even a few caught by her scarf. “There’s nothing better to do.” Mao stood to help pluck the leaves from the ninja’s outfit and shrugged.

“Better than war.” She sighed, Yukimura nodded as well as Kunoichi, knocking a few of the leaves from her bouncing ponytail. It seemed that everyone was agreed, nothing to do was better than fighting in this case.

OOC: Text limits prevented me from posting both in the same post, Shiro's post will follow in next post, so I don't have to break it up.

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