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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Jack the Riolu
????-Wooden Fortress/Pokemon Prison

Jack took a look at the lights and after hearing Lupper about their first mission here. He tried to think of someway to know how to avoid the guards "Well I could go because I can sense aura meaning I could sense the guards but I"m not good with stealth". Jack started to think about it. Who is fast enough but still have a chance to see the guards first. "What about you Helix, you're fast and your psychic powers could sense the guards." Jack was still thinking about it. "Night could go with Helix because you're hard to see in the night and the rest of us could find another path that doesn't have many guards and we could find a place to meet. I think Lupper should lead the rest who don't go with Helix." Jack looked at the group. "Is it a good plan because I usually don't make plans, I usually just go and beat up the outlaw?" Jack was waiting for an answer. Jack was worried about if they liked it or thought it was stupid.

OCC: Soon I'll bring in my second character Flare the Charmeleon
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