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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Lupper the Piplup and Helix the Gallade
????-Wooden Fortress/Pokemon Prison

Lupper listened to Jack's question then quickly rummaged through his rucksack on his back. "Sorry but there is no Wonder Map in my ruck sack. But even then this world seems so familiar yet so different. I doubt it would help much even if we did have it. Well if Dialga did send us forward into the future this would look like the mountain where we fought the Black Knights before the blue light took us here, but this is a canyon like place. Nothing like where we were before,". Lupper then looked to Night, "Right, we don't want to sit around here in the open, sitting Psyducks,". Lupper realized the all of the team were counting on Helix and himself to pull them through this tough time. And if he made a mistake that put them in peril, he would disappoint the whole team. So with the weight of the team on his shoulders Lupper began the march West to the distant lights. It was a rocky canyon like terrain. It seemed like it would naturally be hot but it was suprisingly cold.

Helix followed directly behind Lupper. Lupper was seen as the leader of the group and Helix second in command for some reason. It puzzled him for Helix was much more intelligent and had much more strategic capabilities. But Lupper seemed to have that certain quality that gave faith and hope to those around him. It helped pull the team through tough situations like this. It gave them confidence. And Lupper like throw in inspirational speeches every now and then so that helped too. Truth be told, Lupper was a natural leader.

As they approached the lights it came out to be lights coming from a big wooden building. It was a wooden fortress surrounded by an immensely tall wooden fence. At the entrance of the wooden fortress's gate stood two Rhyperior's in black armor. Gaurds...this place sure seems a lot like a prison. Could the Black Knights be keeping innocent Pokemon prisoners? It seems like if there were a place for'd be here... Lupper got a cold chill and this usually meant that his conclusions about bad things occurring was correct. "Helix...this place. It seems so much like a Pokemon Prison!" Lupper exclaimed.

"From my analysis it seems just that way to me as well. And judging from those gaurds it looks like the Black Knights are behind this," Helix stated. Helix full examined the Wooden Fortress. It seemed like a big place, most likely many gaurds inside. They would need a way to sneak in their and then take it down from the inside.

Lupper then got that heroic look in his eyes that he always got when he knew it was time to take action. A certain hopeful sparkle in his eyes that meant it was time to save some Pokemon and stop evil plans. "It's time for our first mission here in this world. Mission 1: Sneak into the Wooden Fortress and Free the Imprisoned Pokemon!," Lupper exclaimed as he took a heroic pose. Lupper got all fired up and excited when he stated a mission in such a sophisticated manner. He loved doing that. But sometimes he would get too caught up in the moment. "So anyone got any ideas on how to sneak in their without tipping off the gaurds?" Lupper asked the group.

(OOC: Yep, its a Pokemon Prison.)
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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