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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the Umbreon
Unknown Location

Night saw Jack come running saying that he saw some lights. “Thank goodness everyone’s here.” he sighed in relief.

"Lights? That could mean there is some other pokemon near by. Those lights seem to be West of this location. We should probably head that way since it's our only clue to other Pokemon," Helix explained.

"Hopefully, there are pokemon there that don't want to kill us or send us to different time zones." Night thought doubtfully. He heard something behind him and was going attack, but he realized it had colour. He didn't reconize the small red pokemon. "I guess he's not part of our group. He's a shinx." he thought. Lupper told him to come over and started intoducing everyone. "Hey, I'm Night and Lupper we better start going. Night decided to use moonlight before they left. "Good thing that it's always night here." He knew if Helix and Lupper are leading us there's no need to worry as long as we don't go in to a forest. Night looked at everyone. He was happy that they had numbers. "Maybe I could draw a picture of the team later, no got to get in the zone if we see anyone better be prepared." He wondered what was going to see at the lights. Pokemon. The Dark Knights. Or maybe a trap. Well what ever it is we will hav to find out

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