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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

(@seal boy. I know!!! I hate that too! >:/ xD) (@ Poke of Destruction Can the light turn out to be fire? Cause that gives me a great idea!!! )

Lupper the Piplup and Helix the Gallade

As Lupper and Helix exchanged worried looks, a Whimsicott approached them. "Wow! Lupper and Helix!?!?! Hi, I'm Leif. I just joined the squad a couple weeks ago. Where are we? What happened?" He spoke very quickly, stumbling over his words in a flurry of both excitement and fear.

"Leif calm down. We wish we could answer you questions but neither I nor Lupper are sure what exactly happened. But we are the only ones with color in this dull and colorless world. This place seems depressing and ominous," Helix explained.

Lupper then noticed Night came up to them as well. "Everyone of the Elite Squad is here. We were all knocked out here on the floor, Night. We should focus on finding some Pokemon from this world. Maybe they can tell us what is going on," Lupper suggested. From the look of this place it seems that it seems barren and desolate... Lupper frowned but them took in a deep breath and realized that he needed to stay positive. Hope is all that could get them through this.

Helix looked to Jack. "Lights? That could mean there is some other pokemon near by. Those lights seem to be West of this location. We should probably head that way since it's our only clue to other Pokemon," Helix explained.

"Thank you Jack for the notification. Helix we shall do that. It seems like our only clue so far. We shall head West towards the lights," Lupper stated. Lupper twisted his head in confusion as he noticed a Shinx behind everyone. "Hey you! The Shinx!" Lupper shouted as he walked over to the Shinx.

"I don't think your part of the Elite Squad. But you have color like us. So you must be from our world or time or whatever. This place doesn't seem safe so you should come with us. My name's Lupper," he introduced. He then pointed to everyone and named them one by one.
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