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Default Re: Do you love from PE2k?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Anything? ANYTHING? Would you-? No. It is too rash. You won't do it! Oh, I'll ask anyway! Would you murder for Pe2k? Redrum? Hmmm? Would you? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmm? *more and more high pitched everytime* I didn't think so. Hah! I got your bluff.

*Geoff eye twitches*

Anyway xD I joined because of my Pokeshipping, which eventually wore off. Sorta. Still favor Misty over May or Dawn or Iris. Anyway, yeah. Love the community and the people in it.

Sure. Tell me where you live. >:D Just kidding.

Nuh-uh. Anything on PE2K that would help PE2K. You know what I mean!

I also signed up because I had a couple of cousins who were members here as well. They aren't active anymore.

I just love it here. It's my home. Sometimes, I'll get on my laptop, and for some reason five minutes later, I'll catch myself browsing for new posts here on PE2K. It's kind of funny. xD

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