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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Jack the Riolu
Currently Unknown Location.

"What happened" Jack stood up trying to keeping his balance. "I remember bright coloured tunnel then darkness". He sat against a rock to think. "Am I alive, is this the future, have I been taken by the Black Knights, where am I?". He looked around for something taller and a surface to climb on. He started to climb the rock for a better view. He started to talk to himself and struggled to keep a good grip of the rocky surface. "Dialga must of done something because this is definitely does look like our world". He reached the top of the rock and saw most of the squad unconscious. He wondered aout how did this happen and remembered the fight with the Black Knights.He noticed a few pokemon talking. "Hey you guys down there". They must of not heard him. He looked around on top of the rock for anything else before he came down.It was difficult to see without any light. He saw some lights in the distance but before he could get a better look he lost his balance. "Help!" he yelled as he fell off the rock. He just use Endure in time before he hit the ground. He started running to the group. "You guys my names Jack I joined a a while back. If you want to know there are some lights over there" He said pointing to the direction of the lights.
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