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Default Re: [RP] Terranen, Legend of The Restoration. [Chapter 1: Unity]

OOC: ALL THAT EMOTION!!! I'm so riveted!!! (not joking, seriously, I am ENJOYING this to no end ^.^!!!!) Fantastic display by Aerys and words that can be applied to much more than just this RP haha. Oh haha, this is just my opinion but the homestuck albums at are great to listen to while writing haha. I think I'm going to start bolding keys words and phrases too for anyone to read a post. So they know whats being directed where.

Let me know if anyone else finds the bolding a little easier in reading a post, sorry for this short one haha. Not much to do after, except try to mend the situation a bit.


Gerard and Emily A'tiek
Haliria Library

Gerard had turned around from beating the wall. He got yelled at by just about everyone at this point. He was down-right furious, mainly at the fact he had been cut down a bit.

The hell do they know anyways…

He threw his fist into the wall one more time, his knuckles starting to bloody. Holding his head up, he marched back to the rest of the group, silent.

Emily felt as though the silence could strangle anyone, living or not. It was just now that Gerard had begun to simmer down and directed his attention to the new comer, a man in a trench coat. Gerard whipped his tail, making a small gust, letting go the last of his embarrassment as well a greater part of his anger.

“You there, in the trench coat. Who are you, and in terms of figuring out plans that would be mine and Emily’s job.”

Emily broke in, slightly, “That would be His, mine, and this crew’s job.”

Gerard coughed in a similar way a dog would to something distasteful.

“I am Emily, co-leader to this expedition.” She sighed.

“Regardless,” Gerard quietly said before speaking up, “Alan brings up a good point. You weren’t here before, Emily and I had been in this library all day. Either you were here before we got here, or you snuck in without any mention.”

Outside the sand storm had started to kick up. The howling outside was getting tremendous. Emily got up, with a quiet, “Excuse me.” Moving past Alan, Asagi, and XR-28 to go and lock down the door to the Library and close the window sand-shutters in the library. Things were mostly dark now until she lit a few candles. Aside from the silence from the recent rants from everyone and this new stranger in the room, the only sound made was virtually the sandstorm outside. The silence was getting unbearable to say the least. Emily asked again, “Once we learn who you are, erm, Virgil, I would like us all to take a moment and introduce ourselves to one another. In a CALM,” She shot a look at Gerard who blasted another back with a slight growl, “Manner. Alan, Thirteen, Since you two have been so quiet, how about you two go first. Everyone else will follow after leaving me and Gerard for last.”

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