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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the umbreon
Unknown location

"Where am I?", Night asked himself as he woke up. He got up ,but his back ached like crazy. He looked up and saw there was no colour.Everything was black and white. No one was there. He started to think about the time in the forest. "No this is an illousion. I probably looked at a stantler too long." Night said trying to comfort himself. It wasn't working "Anyone!" he shouted in despair. "Where are we!?" Night said hoping to get a response."Oh no! The battle!" he gasped remembering what happend. The Black Kinghts. Dialga. The flash. "Dialga must have done something." he thought. He looked to the side and saw a little whismicott running and talking. "Hey that's Leif!" He thought in glee. He saw that Leif was running towards a piplup and gallade. Lupper & Helix. He started walking . "Hey, you guys! It's me Night. Where did everyone go?!" He yelled.
(OCC: sorry short post and I might not be able to post that much due to vacation)
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