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Default Re: Tips that I enjoy the most.

I'm glad this is here, some people need to learn about paragraphing and grammar, due to the fact that it annoys me so that people don't put much effort into their writing, or don't learn purposely >_< But hey, it happens xP

"I. I. I love you, too."
Wouldn't it be better to have it as
"I... I love you too..."
This, therefore, connotes thought being put into the words, as well as hinting a little bit of nerves. Also, the fact that they trail off can suggest worry as to whether they've said it right. The uses of full stops (periods or whatever) repetitively isn't used in writing very much (none that I've seen anyway), and it makes it look separated and messy and bleh. xP

I am really glad that this is up, people can learn from this :D

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