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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Leif the Whimsicott
Unknown Location

Leif awoke face down, his heart throbbing and chest pounding. As he slowly got to his feet, he realized he was no longer in battle. The Black Knights had disappeared, as had the legendaries. Then he realized something much more obvious. Everything was black and white in the world! He tried to stand, but quickly fell down once again. Concentrating deeply, he tried to use Synthesis on himself. Sadly, with no sun it failed miserably. All I remember...the knights had already taken Arceus. Dialga made some weird flash, and I was here...what could have happened? Leif sat for a minute, then heard a loud noise to his left. He saw a Piplup, blasting a Gallade with water. Around them were several Pokemon from the Elite Squad, all still unconscious. He tried to figure out what was stopping them from waking, but put it out of his head. Unlike the desolate scenery in this world, the members were in full color. Upon closer inspection, the Piplup and Gallade were Lupper and Helix! Leif had always looked up to them. They had always been some of the strongest Pokemon on the Elite Squad, while he had merely joined weeks ago. He quickly dashed to approach them, speaking as he ran. "Wow! Lupper and Helix!?!?! Hi, I'm Leif. I just joined the squad a couple weeks ago. Where are we? What happened?" He spoke very quickly, stumbling over his words in a flurry of both excitement and fear.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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