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Default Re: Do you love from PE2k?

Yes, I love this site <3 <3
I first joined in 2007 as Vaporeon100, then Serenity Suicune, Then Ho-Oh00, then Shiny Eevee and Name Change to Shiny Jolteon :3 (I didn't know you couldn't have multiple accounts, but I nhever logged on to the others :x and I only did it for a name change because I just learned there was a Name Change Marathon X3)
But this is most definatley where I spend most of my day!
I mean really, what's better than the Wi-Fi Leauge? I LOVE THE LEAUGE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
And all the friends you make on this site!
Not to mention you get to talk to people around the world who LOVE Pokemon as much as you do!
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