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Default Re: Do you love from PE2k?

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
It took me two years to finally join, because I was raised to be extremely cautious, and I thought a forum was the same thing as a chatroom. Dx

I love the atmosphere, the community. I just like it. I was eventually promoted to Staff Member because of this love; I'd do anything for PE2K. ♥

~Professor Geoffrey
Anything? ANYTHING? Would you-? No. It is too rash. You won't do it! Oh, I'll ask anyway! Would you murder for Pe2k? Redrum? Hmmm? Would you? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmm? *more and more high pitched everytime* I didn't think so. Hah! I got your bluff.

*Geoff eye twitches*

Anyway xD I joined because of my Pokeshipping, which eventually wore off. Sorta. Still favor Misty over May or Dawn or Iris. Anyway, yeah. Love the community and the people in it.
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