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Default [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Plot: The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World is a place without humans but only Pokemon. They all lived there in peace and harmony. Well at least they did...until Mewtwo the Pokemon with the most savage heart rose and teamed up with the darkest Pokemon Darkrai. They formed an army that became known as the Black Knights. They all wore black armor to symbolize their power. They were destroying everything and everyone who tried to stop their pursuit for total conquest of the Pokemon World. The Pokemon Rescue Team Organization assembled their own team. The Elite Pokemon Squad. They were the strongest Pokemon of all the rescues teams ever made. They were able to win a their fair share of battles against the Black Knights but it all ended in the final battle. The Black Knights took down each legendary pokemon one by one. Soon only Arceus and Dialga were left. The Elite Squad fought their best to protect them both but in the end they were all taken down. They froze Arceus in this black crystal which drained him of all his power. The Elite Squad laid there knocked out on the floor. Just as they were about to freeze Dialga and drain him of his power he used his power over time to send the Elite Squad into the future, saving them from being killed by the Black Knights.

Your Role: You are one of the Elite Squad members. You are 100 years into the future known as the Dark Era. Most of the planet is colorless, the wind doesn't blow, the oceans are all frozen, the time of day is always night. This is the world in which the Black Knights rule. Its up to you to find a way to restore the world to how it once was. Or will you betray the Elite Squad and join the Black Knights? Its up to you. You can make the difference.

Lupper the Piplup and Helix the Gallade

(We currently don't know our location since we just arrived from the traveling through time)

Lupper awoke with a deep pain in his stomach and groaned in pain. " body it aches all over,". Lupper opened his eyes to see a colorless world. He gasped in shock. There's no color anywhere?! Lupper looked all around his surroundings and noticed they were in a forest. But everything seemed lifeless and colorless. The only thing that had color was Lupper and the rest of the Elite Squad. Were we taken to another world.... Lupper wearily stood up on his feet then remembered that he was with the Elite Squad. He turned behind him to see them all knocked out. Whatever was that blue light that brought us here it really sapped us all of our energy and will... Lupper saw his comrade Helix on the floor.

"Helix! Wake up!" Lupper exclaimed but Helix did not budge. Lupper paced around quickly forward and backward. I need to wake him up! I don't want to be the only one up and about! Wait! I've got it! Lupper stood in front of Helix and opened his beak. He fired an intense stream of bubbles which slammed into Helix. Helix was awaken by the pain of the attack, then Lupper ceased fire.

"Lupper! I've told you many times not to awaken me with a Bubblebeam! But you never listen!" Helix shouted angrily. He slashed a wave of psychic energy at Lupper which sent him tumbling. Helix then looked around and saw how everything was colorless. Helix gasped in shock and dismay. "What happened?! Where are we?!" Helix exclaimed in confusion.

"Helix...I have no idea. But all I do recall is a bright blue light teleporting us here. It felt so intense and strong. Maybe we are in another world...unless..." Lupper stated. Teleporting to another world would take a lot of energy. None of us have that much power. Only a legendary could but all of them were defeated. But...before we were teleported here I noticed Dialga glowing intensely. Dialga is the ruler of time. Could he have sent us through time? But this seems nothing like the world I knew back home... Lupper and Helix were both frustrated and confused.

(Italics means thoughts for those of you who don't know.)
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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