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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

OOC: Before I post, I'd like a good idea of how I should go about this? Are we already through the
portal now and can live our characters or what?
Edit: Never mind lol.


Jack Strider
His small homestead in Erigichi

Quiet... Just the way He likes it. Jack had been living here in Erigichi for quite a while now surrounded by much of his own creations and parts. A mech stood in the corner, primitive in design and needing a human operator. Jack had just been returning from the field with a few crops to start making dinner. He wasn't sure what to cook, but a beef stew seemed nice. If only he could cook. Chances would become that he would find himself throwing stuff into a stew then burning a great deal
of it and still needing to eat it. He didn't mind though, he had begun to like the taste of burned food as well as the crunchiness. It was almost like eating a fried anything really, except, him and frying food was worse than stewing food. The more water, the better his food came out otherwise it
came out just down right black.

He had wanted to take cooking lessons for a while now, but his nearest neighbor was pretty far away. He didn't have exactly the kind of time to go traveling to the neighbors just to get cooking lessons, considering he is use to his cooking. He had thrown in the stew items and let them start to
boil before starting to work on his mech. The robot seemed old, despite being new. None of its parts being too new, a lot of them old and scrap. He wish he could be using more new parts but, with where he lives using new materials would be hard anyways. It was funny, he had begun to start work
on what he believed might be time travel. He only had a few theories though, believing quartz crystal could be used to get things going. However, quartz was one of the more rare stones in his world. It could be valued to the same as Earth gold.

It was a rather strange night, almost as though the world around him were creaking a bit. It wasn't just like the world itself though, it felt more like the space around him. Something was going to happen and it was probably going to happen very soon.

Jack stepped outside into the mountainous surroundings, looking out at all the trees, looking for what it is he might be feeling. He could see nothing past the horizon. All seemed very calm and collected, as usual. He just could not shake the feeling of something going to happen. He found it
very odd. He checked his pocket watch. It had begun to act anomalous, the dials turning in all directions. He popped open the back, pulling out the batteries to find it was still moving all the same. He ran back inside, starting to gather up his stuff.

He piled it up with his primitive mech, only the valuables of his research though. A small autonomous robot whose purpose is to make sure his home was safe, more of surveillance. It was getting strange because the next moments to him had become a total blur…

Jack Strider
Kikuchi Island, Offset home at Beach

Jack still hated being around others, through and through, and winding up in this strange new world was his next biggest problem. There had been rumors as of recently regarding an older scientist and engineer who had flipped his lid, going paranoid about his work. Jack didn’t want to get himself involved, after having gotten involved in the Omisa Military. He didn’t like the idea overall but a day or so after winding up here it became painfully evident to him that his money was useless. This world, although similar to his home, was so different. He had stashed away his money in a small chest he was able to buy with his first two day’s work in the military and had decided to keep it there, should he ever get home.

“This scientist… As much as I hate the idea… I should try finding him, maybe I could get back home if I meet with him.” Jack was muttering to himself. The only clue he had to this man’s last known location was a land called Cestaille. Though he had no idea how he was planning to get there.

OOC: Stopping here because I do not know the overall geography of the world as well as where characters should try meeting up, though I do want to get to Cestaille.
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