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Default Re: [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

Lex Rex
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Lex sat there patiently awaiting for his Chaos Commanders to arrive in his office. Lex wasn't like the average impatient hot-headed leader you would usually see. He is patient and calm even in the heat of battle. But it's creepy how calm he can stay during even the most intense situation. The stare in his eyes was the most intimidating aspect about Lex. Like a vicious glare yet a creepy stare at the same time. It also set his enemies off and makes them too cautious. Then finally one of the Chaos Commanders entered his office. " Uhh, Mr. Rex? We were told to report to your office. Is there something important we should be learning about? No one else has showed up yet...". Lex heard his timid tone as he spoke. This is what Lex liked about his eerie aura he expelled, it kept people scared. "Why yes, today we shall be learning about our next two missions on retrieving more pokemon. We shall wait a few more minutes and if no one else shows up we shall begin the meeting...." Lex said in his creepy tone. I like Chris, he seems loyal. He may be a good choice for my second in command later on....
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