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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ [Check for permanent places!] - Intro up

I've been listening to the two latest episodes (intro and Torchic one) and there's been a repeat of just dead beat silence for about a few seconds; or that (this is mentioned in the podcast) that there's something wrong. This happens every one-three minutes at a time; and while it may not be long I wonder what's wrong? Is it my computer, or the way I'm playing it? (I'm using the RSS feed thingo...) Or is it something that happened before it was released? Teo didn't mention anything but I'm not one point one of the members sounded really weird..

It does seem a little off track at times but it's funny and lively and you do manage to keep the Pokemon theme up; after some off track discussion you do keep it up.

This is my first time listening to a podcast and the way I listen to it is that I clicked on the second link, bookmarked the RSS feed and then went to what episode I wanted to listen to. That opened up the blog, so I clicked on the title, which opens up and shows a black window; and the episode starts up. Now I don't have iTunes and I also don't know how this works very well so is there a way so I can stop/pause/play it? Is the way I'm playing it normal? I'm not too sure.

I'm also very curious on how the actual composition works, I'm really interested. (Actually, I read the last few posts, scrap that..)

Anyway it was nice to hear something after my hiatus. Which I will be returning to soon. :P
lol whut
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