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Default Re: Thousands of club combinations there

Thousands of club combinations there

Standing at a little more than six foot three, the regular length shafts I had been using had to go. Liz showed me the graph which Ping fitters use to determine just how much on, or indeed off, the shaft you need. I pretended to understand it for several seconds before Liz concluded that an extra inch would be required for my gangly frame. Posture at address is key, after all. My new friend handed me a 7-iron with a regular-flex shaft and an extra inch. Now she could get behind the impressive Trackman ‘nFlight’ software, capable of recommending thousands of club combinations, and really scrutinize my shots. With more hook problems than Peter Pan, it became clear I needed a stiffer shaft (that’s what she said) and around 3-degrees more upright.

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