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Default Re: [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

guess I'll get brownie points for starting lol

Solaceon Town

"Hmmm The unknown here are getting Restless" Said TRK to Shady the Shedja as they looked at the writing on the wall scurry throughout the ruins...

"They almost never move when people are around so something big must be going on"He said as he made his way to the Exit of the ruins eager to get back to the daycare to get his Egg from the old couple....

On his way back towards town he encountered a trainer wearing a track suit working out next to a Machamp and a Mr.mime who appeared to be making punching bags for both the trainer and pokemon.

"Hey Trainer wanna battle?" TRK yelled as he clinched his 3rd pokeball on his hip...
"Sure thing,Your Ninjask looks sickly anyway so i'll just crush it!"Yelled the trainer
"Oh you mean shady?"TRK said as he motioned for shady to go instead of letting out his other pokemon..

TRK vs Trainer
"Mimer you're up first,force palm!"The trainer yelled as The humanoid pokemon leaped forward with a glowing fist attempting to smash the bug pokemon. Mr.mime passed right through the bug pokemon smashing right into a tree as TRK smirk!!!

"You used double team?"The trainer asked
"Not even close,That's a shedja and it's a ghost type so good luck"TRK said as Shady hovered over the staggering Mr.Mime and latched onto the Psychic type with a leech life and effectively draining it of a good amount of health....

"Finish this loser with shadowball,Shady" TRK said..In that very instant a blob of darkness appeared on above the shell pokemon and sped towards Mr.mime crashing right into the pokemon's chest sending it into it's trainer's arms.

"Unfair!"the trainer yelled as he returned Mr.Mime to it's pokeball.
"If you think your Machamp is going to do anything look at this"TRK said as he let out a silver metagross

"Ok I admit defeat"The Trainer said as his Machamp picked him up n took off running away from town..

"Eh for the hell of it hit them with a hyper beam!"TRK yelled as think Tank shot a beam of light in the dierection of the fleeing trainer hitting them and sending them flying through the air.

"Ahh reminds me of my old Team Rocket days!"TRK said with delight in his voice as He returned both Pokemon to their balls and started walking towards town.

OOC:Yeppers former member of Team Rocket.... decided my history can come out better if I post it in pieces instead of all together :D
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