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Default Re: Obama's Stimulus Package: Direct Translation

Well, I wasn't expecting to find interesting political conversation while looking for pokemon stuff, but here I am!
I'm sorry if this is starting with the wrong foot, but some of the notions of socialism discussed up there are blatantly wrong. Socialism, among other things, is about property structure, specifically about social ownership of a community/society/nation's means of production. The State's structure, attributes and dynamic as a social controller derive from that property structure. The concept of the State infusing money into the demand side of the market, be it by lowering interest rates or providing bailouts (aimed at the "productive" segments of the market), or by distributing money via social plans and increasing government funded welfare (allowing consumers to divert money from basic needs into spending) are anything BUT socialist. These initiatives stem from the post-war realization that the State in capitalist countries needs to take action during the crisis part of the economic cycle in order to reduce it's impact. They are aimed at leveling out the ups and down of normal evolution of capitalist economics, therefore safekeeping the capitalist system. Remember that the Welfare state was mostly developed during the height of the anti-communist era in the western world, and therefore can hardly be dubbed as socialist.

Just my 2 (or 10) cents. The freedom with which the word "socialist" is thrown around in this country really irks me, I'm sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's toes. Not my intention, and this was not meant to be an argument pro or against the bailout. Just a concept clarification.

Now, off to discuss Pokemon!