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Default Re: A Peek into the Insanity of Gira's Mind

These were only short summaries. For some events the details are still foggy (which is one of the reasons why none of them have been written to completion), but for others, yes, there are explanations which I left out to avoid TL;DR. For example, the Unown Zone is just a name for the canonical realm where the Unown typically live; it's also the place that Ash and friends got involved with during the third movie, because Greenfield is one of the locations where the worldly barriers between the human world and the Unown Zone are thinner. (The stone tiles mentioned were also the same concept as the box of tiles given to Molly in Spell of the Unown.) Other such locations include the Solaceon Ruins, Tanoby Chambers, Mt. Silver, the Ruins of Alph, and so on and so forth.

I was seeking input on the concepts themselves. All of these events which don't have explanations already will definitely get them before I actually start writing the story.

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